Support Your Feet In Sandals

How to wear supports in sandals is a question I get from women all the time. One misconception is that others will see the arch supports in the sandal. In reality, most people who wear supports forget they are even in their shoes or sandals, because you cannot see them. Good Feet  arch supports are designed to be covered by your feet. So, in reality, one shouldn’t see their supports in their shoes or sandals to begin with. This is true most of the time, unless you are lying on the group and looking up into the sandals at a side angle. But, I don’t see that happening too often. Rests assure, Good Feet has arch supports in many different colors that will match your shoes if you really don’t want to worry about being seen by others. Now how to get them to stay in the shoes is a whole other ballgame! When we women wear backless shoes or small leather backing on our pumps, we find it incredibly difficult to wear our arch supports without them squirming around. There should be a way to keep them secure, right? Before our Velcro method, I had many creative customers come in to Good Feet and show me their strategies of securing the support in the shoes. I’ve seen everything from duct tape to industrial strength Velcro. Thankfully we found a way to wear supports in our shoes and sandals without them moving around. Thank you Velcro! This is the easiest and most convenient way to keep those supports stabilized. With Velcro, we can remove the innersole of the sandal and replace it with a support that is fitted to your feet. Some shoes also have room for an insole on top of the support for added comfort, but either way works.

To make your own Velcro ready sandal at home, you can take a piece of Velcro and cut both sides into a small circle. Place one dot (preferably the rough sided one) to the support and the other to the shoe (line it up with the heel). Make you use the same side of Velcro (rough side) in every shoe. By using a Velcro dot and placing the Velcro on the heel of the supports it should stay put for the entire day.

If you are having trouble with the Velcro staying in place or the support is still moving in the shoe (such as when we twist our feet in gait), then you may need to use a second dot up in the front of the support too. I, myself, have to use two pieces of Velcro on my right foot but only one dot on my left. You may need to try it out to see what works best for you first before you go for a long day in the sandals without a backup pair of shoes with you. Since I have had problems with my feet, I do carry spare shoes when I go on long trips or I am walking a lot more than I am used to.

On sandals that you cannot remove the foot bed, you can simply use the Velcro tab on the back of the support. It will take up some room out of the shoe girth, so be sure to take your supports with you when you shop for shoes so you will know if it works with it or not in the store. I always say to “try on the shoes if they feel good then fall in love with how they look on you.” However, I know some people have no real choice in their shoe styles, due to your lifestyle or occupation. Some may be required to wear a certain style or look. When you are in a shoe that is very thin or tight you can still get supports in them. I have used some of the narrow Orthotics and had great results. Arch supports can do wonders for your feet, regardless of the shoe or style you are wearing them in. Supports will keep you from swelling and hurting by the end of the day. In fact, some Good Feet arch supports are designed to be thin enough to fit in any type of shoe or sandal. For example, the Relaxer is one that I have used with Birkenstock shoes and when I need to revive the beds of Birks. The Relaxer will leave your feet feeling much better and you won’t need to revive your foot bed in your Birks after a little wear.

For women who wear high heels and need a little extra support, we’ve got you covered! Our high heel supports are thin enough to fit in heels up to 4 ½ inches high. That’s a miracle for most women! You can now wear the highest heels you want and still be supported.So ladies and gentleman, you can go through your summer with stylish and comfortable footwear!

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