Foot Health

The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates once claimed, “When our feet hurt, we hurt all over”.

Your feet mirror your overall health and taking care of them should be a first priority. Good Feet has created a digital foot scanner, called “TopoScan”.

This new technology is in the process of being installed in all 4 stores. It is currently available to the public at our Clackamas location (see for more store information). We believe this new product will revolutionize the way society sees the impact their lifestyle choices have on their health. We all make daily choices on footwear and exercise; the decisions have a dramatic impact on the health of our feet. We have 26 bones in each of our feet, which make up a quarter of our bones overall. With the new “TopoScan” it will detect how much pressure you put on your feet and what areas the pressure subsides. It will also be able to measure your feet and arch length for the provision of orthotics.

We are excited to share this new technology with our customers because it can show them, in real time, how their feet have changed with the use of Good Feet arch supports!

For more information on our Portland & Salem locations, visit!

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