Celebrate Good Health

Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any another family holiday/tradition, we’re all asking ourselves the same thing. What are we going to get for our loved ones this year?

We want to get them a gift that is useful, unique, and will bring them happiness. It’s a gift that will be long lasting and helpful to the receiver in some way. But, where do we find a gift like that?

Let us help you find your perfect gift.


For the one that is looking for relaxation:

  • Acorn Slippers (for men and women)

Give the gift of comfort with our line of Acorn slippers. 

  • Accusager

Portable, hand held magnetic foot and body vibration massager. Use anywhere, anytime to energize and revitalize your entire body.

  • Foot Massager

Promotes blood flow to the feet and calf — widely used for people with diabetes to improve circulation Helps in the prevention of leg cramps Powerful 2 speed motor and it’s maintenance free

For the one that is looking for style

Why fit in when you were born to stand out? Create your very own Tauer & Johnson footwear. 

  • Chloe by Durea

Pamper your feet with unmatched quality and removable insole. Chloe by Durea is a perfect match of superior comfort and sophisticated style.

For the one looking for relaxation and bliss

  • Total Foot Repair (TFR) by Advanced Healing Technologies

Benefits of TFR

*Eases painful arthritic symptoms
*Re-balances lipids to fight chronic pain
*Reduces sore joints and muscle aches
*Perfect for deep tissue back and shoulder pain
*Restructures tissue after injuries, tears & strains
*Improves circulation to warm cold hands and feet
*Removes keratin calcification and wax buildup
*Increases strength and cellular energy levels
*Helps with flexibility and mobility to ease pain
*Complete repair of cracked, painful heels

  • Fox River Socks (for men and women)


Give the gift of socks, from Merino wool to compression. 

For the one who is impossible to shop for:

  • Gift Card for Good Feet


Happy holidays!

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