Aunt Ruby’s Trip To Good Feet

Scott Tom from Oldies 106.7 shares with us his family weekend outing to Good Feet.

Today, he’s bringing in his Aunt Ruby to the Good Feet store in Tigard to get custom fitted with Good Feet arch supports!


Smiles and laughs outside the Good Feet Tigard store!

scott tom 3

Our certified fitter, Sean, gives Aunt Ruby the balance test! Aunt Ruby puts her hands in front of  her and the fitter lightly pushes them down. If she can resist the force, then she passes the balance test. First, we check her balance without the supports. Second, we give her the same balance test, but with the supports.

scott tom 4

Time for the behind-the-back balance test. Will she go be able to fight the power?!
scott tom 5

Whew! She passes the test with the arch supports. Now, we must find her new shoes to go with her supports.

scott tom 6

scott tom 7

For updates on Aunt Ruby’s experience with Good Feet, tune into Scott Tom on Oldies 106.7!

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