Relaxing Foot Bath

foot spa

Ring in the new year with a foot bath that will relax, refresh, and get your feet ready for your next adventure:

In a small tub of warm water (adjust temperature to your liking), combine:

  • 5 drops of peppermint essential oil
  • four drops of tea tree oil
  • four drops of lavender essential oil
  • Half a cup of epsom salt

Let your feet sink into the mixture and feel yourself relax. After about twenty minutes, take your feet out of the tub and dry them. When the foot is soft, calluses are easier to remove. Use a pumice stone to work on any problem areas. If you are already callus-free, take your spa day to the next level by slipping into your favorite pair of house shoes with your relaxer arch supports.

Now sit back and say ahhh…

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