Meet Kelly, one of our fabulous fitters who has an inspirational Good Feet story of her own as well as a passion to help people. Without further ado…Kelly.

Kelly Johnston - Meridian

How long have you been with Good Feet?

I began working for Good Feet in May 2017.

What are some of your hobbies?

Photography, scrapbooking and camping.

Favorite place to photograph?

Italy. I would like to go back to Rome to do more photography there.

What inspires/excites you?

Helping people get out of pain.

What difference has Good Feet made on your life?

I started as a Good Feet client. I had been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis for 20 years and worked at a job where I was on my feet all day.  When I got home I didn’t want to get out of the car and wanted to cry because of the pain.  My husband and I went to The Good Feet store after trying everything…drug store supports, a boot and seeing a podiatrist, without any relief.  Once I had the Good Feet arch supports I had immediate relief in one foot and gradual relief in my second foot. I believed in Good Feet so much that I wanted to work there. I didn’t think it was possible for something to help that much.

When we were getting ready to move back to Boise from California I heard that Good Feet was hiring and after sharing my story with a Good Feet manager over the phone I had the opportunity for an in-person interview, so I made the drive from California to Boise to interview and drove back home the next day.  I knew how much the supports worked, they had helped me, and I wanted to help others.

Favorite Good Feet experience?

When I see people cry because they feel so much better just walking around in-store, and they can’t believe they finally found something that helped them. We often get big hugs when customers are on their way out of the store.

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