Go for the Gold


This season, it’s hard not to be in awe of the amazing things people can do with their bodies–from freestyle skiing to super-fast sledding, the human body is an amazing tool. Of course, professional athletes devote their lives to training their bodies to be so strong. For them, no measure is too much if it helps them get into peak condition. From cardio to cupping, professional athletes will entertain just about any idea that has the potential to get them performing at their best.

For those of us who like to stay active (but don’t yet have plans to compete), there are less dramatic ways to improve performance that can be just as effective as any extreme measure. Because feet are the foundation of the body, an improvement in foot health can lead to improvement in the body throughout. Arch supports are a great way to reach a higher level of performance.

Good Feet’s Total Body Wellness System works on three areas of foot health: strengthening, maintaining, and relaxing.  Strengthener arch supports are designed and named for the effect they have on the foot’s composition.They exercise and strengthen the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the foot and can help guide it into a more ideal position. Wearing a Strengthener is like a workout for your feet, except the goal isn’t a slim physique–it is ideal skeletal alignment for the whole body.

Maintainer arch supports work to maintain all the progress that has been made with the Strengtheners. When they are used together, they can be an effective way of cross-training feet.

At the end of the day, athletes both professional and recreational need to recover. If cryotherapy, which involves surrounding yourself in nitrogen-chilled air as low as -300 degrees Fahrenheit doesn’t sound appealing to you, how about a massage? That’s where the Relaxer arch supports come in. Relaxers are like yoga for the feet. They prevent the feet from reverting to their old habits while still giving them time to relax, which is always an important step in any exercise regimen.

So no matter how you choose to be an athlete, you can be confident that with Good Feet arch supports, you can perform well and be well. Now what gold will you go for?

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