Start a Conversation!

April is foot health awareness month, and if you’ve stopped in to The Good Feet Store for a fitting or have Good Feet arch supports, you probably have all sorts of information to help keep your feet healthy. But some folks aren’t familiar with the how the arch supports can alleviate foot pain and improve balance. Those of us who own arch supports have a duty to our friends and family to speak up, and let them know how much better their feet and bodies could be feeling! After all, wouldn’t you have wanted the same done for you?

Chances are, if you’ve worn your arch supports for a while, you take them for granted. You probably don’t think about how the Good Feet Strengthener supports the metatarsal rise, lifting and un-cramping the toes. And you probably don’t spend too much time thinking about the Relaxers in your house shoes.

One of the great things about Good Feet arch supports? Because the supports fit in just about any shoe or sandal, they are invisible to everyone but the person wearing them. So don’t be selfish! Let your family and friends in on the secret: arch supports can improve lives, two feet at a time! Hopefully they are already improving yours.

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