Dylan – Spokane Fitter

Dylan - Spokane fitter

How long have you been with Good Feet?

Eight and a half months.

What difference has Good Feet had on your life?

The biggest difference working for Good Feet has had on my life is that it has opened my eyes to how many people need help in the world. One of my biggest passions is education, and in my position, I get to go out and educate people daily on foot health and help people get back on their feet and get back to doing the things they love. Good Feet gives me the opportunity to do this.

Favorite Good Feet story?

An elderly woman that had lost 6 toes due to diabetes came into the store using a walker, she could hardly walk at all without it. The moment she tried using the Strengthener you could see how shocked she was to immediately be feeling less pain, and that was only after trying the first support. She cried because of the relief she felt. By the end of fitting she was running around the store without her walker — she didn’t need it at all.

What are some of the challenges you face on the job?

Finding a way to connect with each individual that comes into the store is very important. Everyone has a different background and story, and you need to be able to relate to them in a way that makes them feel comfortable and make sure you meet their needs. You need to be able to demonstrate how our products fit into their lives and let them know that you are truly there to help — not to sell.

What are some of your hobbies?

I like to spend time hanging out with my girlfriend and friends. Also, I like to go snowboarding, hiking and I’m an avid video-gamer. I actually play one video game competitively.

Favorite place to visit?

My family cabin in Montana. We have an acre lot on Georgetown Lake. The cabin has been passed down from generation to generation. It’s where I grew up.

What inspires/excites you?

Everyday challenges inspire me and my passion for education excites me. Finding a way to help improve other people’s lives any way I can excites and motivates me.

What else should others know about you?

I have been unbelievably happy working for this company; it has a wonderful culture. The team all brings something different to the table. I love seeing how our personalities mesh together to support each other and the store.

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