Motion and Emotion

Motion and Emotion.jpg

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying: motion creates emotion. Certainly those who move frequently, either for work or pleasure, know the power of movement. Whether going for a leisurely walk or biking on a mountain, the way you move (or don’t move) affects the way you think. Being stuck in a rut of inertia can tax both the body and the mind. It is difficult to do the things you want to when you aren’t feeling physically at your best.

Not everyone needs the same amount of movement to feel a certain way. Knowing your limits and your likes will help you create positive emotion from motion in a consistent, sustainable way. Instead of taking on the hard work of getting momentum from a stand-still, it may be helpful to start from a place with momentum already.

If you are unsure of what this might look like, consider some areas of your life where you are already being active. This might be your walk to your special sandwich place at lunch, the weekend stroll to the coffee shop, or even just the luxurious stretch you always find yourself doing before you get out of bed in the morning.

Build upon these small enjoyments and make them big successes. Take your stretching out of bed and do a round before you brush your teeth — but remember to do stretches that feel good. Don’t jump in too fast and extend yourself past your level of interest and ability. Start small and watch your success build. Success builds exponentially! Many people hesitate to get on the road to success because it is built by so many small stepping stones. But when you’re prepared, you can take it in stride.


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