Put Your Feet Up for Healthy Homes Month

Put Your Feet Up

What routine do you have when you get home? Do you take off your shoes? Do you put on house shoes? Different people have different traditions when it comes to shoes in the home, but having a shoe to wear exclusively in and around the house is a good idea for a variety of reasons.

According to Austrian shoe retailer Giesswein, in Austria “it’s very common to have a dedicated pair of hausschuhe (indoor-only shoes) to keep at bay the bacteria, toxins and dirt that are just waiting to hitch a ride on your outside shoes.”

Another way that house shoes can help is by providing a comfy environment for your feet to relax. House shoes tend to provide extra space in the toe box of the shoe which means that feet are free to move naturally. Some shoes we find ourselves wearing frequently, either due to jobs or lifestyle, don’t match the natural form of the foot and can cause it to distort into unnatural positions.

Because the surfaces we walk on today are hard and flat (concrete, asphalt, tile, and hardwood), our feet are often sore and tired at the end of the day. Good Feet recommends wearing house shoes instead of going barefoot to prevent this wear and tear and encourages the use of arch supports in conjunction with the shoes. Together, they can give you the freedom to stretch and be supported. So even when you are relaxing, you can still get the benefits that come with wearing arch supports.


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