Walk It Off!

walk it off

Clouds never keep Oregonians from experiencing the outdoors. Last Wednesday, community members came out to enjoy the cloudy but warm afternoon for Walk It Off in Eugene hosted by 94.5 Mix FM, which occurs each Wednesday at Alton Baker Park during the summer. It’s a chance for people to get exercise, see friends, and have some fun in the sun (or shade!).

The program is completely free and begins at 5pm every Wednesday–perfect for folks who want to get some exercise after work. The event also welcomes runners and joggers. Each Wednesday has a different theme, and last Wednesday night the walk was superhero themed. One participant wore a sleek cat woman suit, and another dressed as superman. Two corgis trotted alongside their owner, proudly sporting superhero t-shirts.  One of them also sported a sparkly tutu. Everyone looked happy to be out.

Why Walk It Off? Walking is a low-impact exercise that can have a high impact on health. It helps to reduce stress and improve fitness levels. 20 minutes a day can noticeably improve mood and help maintain flexibility so you can be ready for whatever comes your way.

Walk It Off is more than just a fitness event. The amount of people who chatted together as they began their walk signifies that Walk It Off is an important part of the Eugene community. Though people were excited to be outside and were ready to walk, they were just as excited about the opportunity to take in the afternoon together.

One woman who stopped to check out a sponsor booth said she’s been walking every Wednesday for a couple of years. It’s a summer ritual for her. She goes with her husband and while he enjoys the event from a seat in the shade, she takes a lap around the park. Afterwards, they go to dinner together. They both enjoy the social aspect of their Wednesday evenings.

Good Feet is happy to sponsor this fun-filled weekly event and invites you to stop by The Good Feet Store table to say “hi” at the next Walk It Off!

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