Fun in the Sun with Baseball


It’s summer! The birds are chirping, the lawnmowers are whirring, and in parks everywhere, people are swinging baseball bats. Whether you play or watch, baseball is a team sport. From a relaxed game of catch in the backyard to an intense MLB game, the sport combines plenty of physical activity and a sense of community.

Get the most out of practice by steering clear of injury. According to the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS), “overuse or excessive training may sideline some athletes with achilles tendinopathy or heel pain [like] plantar fasciitis.” Cleats can also be problematic if fitted improperly. An even more common injury is ingrown toenails, especially for pitchers and catchers, says ACFAS. Take time to stretch with your team or catching buddy after playing and make sure your shoes fit properly. If your child is starting to get into the sport, it may help to have them professionally fitted for shoes.

Look for footwear that has:

  • Stable upper material
  • Hard exterior. Leather is preferable
  • Firm heel counter (the back of the shoe that cups the heel and achilles tendon)

And don’t forget your baseball hat! A hat will keep the sun off your face so you don’t have to worry about getting sunburned, and it also can help you see fly balls. Sounds like a win-win.

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