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There are about a million different theories on diet and even more books, and each new diet fad seems to contradict the last diet fad. But running through each supposedly end-all diet fad there is a common theme. It’s not new. It’s not fancy. It’s a refrain you’ve probably heard since you were small: eat your vegetables!

Maybe you do already eat your vegetables. A salad with lunch, a helping of green beans with dinner. That’s great if you do. But we could all afford to add a little extra greenery to our lives.

Before you sigh and exit this article thinking that I’m going to propose quitting your job, buying a tractor, and starting your own organic farm, wait! Aside from the fact that it’s a little too late in the summer to start a full blown garden, that’s simply not a practical option for everybody. Some folks don’t enjoy gardening, and others don’t have the opportunity to. But almost everyone can put some soil in a pot and pop a couple seeds into it. If you’d rather put your effort into activities that don’t involve plant cultivation, you can even transplant a start from the grocery or hardware store.

Which herbs to plant? Basil, mint, and chives are all easy to grow and fun to use. With a little effort, you can get a big reward. Once your herbs have matured, you can pack the chopped leaves into an ice cube tray and top off with boiling water. Then pop them in the freezer. Once they’re frozen, you’ll have a supply of herbs ready to be tossed into sauces and sautees.

Perhaps you’re thinking, ok, I’ll grab a basil start the next time I go to the grocery store. But then what? A few leaves of basil mixed into my next pasta sauce isn’t going to make a difference. I probably won’t even notice it.

Three things to consider:

A small amount of fresh herbs can pack a big flavor punch and provide nutrients that can be lost when dried. Additionally, the aroma of fresh herbs, especially when added to a dish right at the end of cooking, tends to be stronger than that of dried herbs — providing an appetite-whetting olfactory experience.

A little bit of a good thing is far better than nothing. After all, everything adds up! There also is no better spice than knowing that what you’re eating is made with love and care. And nothing could be truer of an herb garden you create yourself! 

Even if you don’t make meals using your mini herb garden, you’ll still have a lovely green plant in your home or on your patio. Adding a little extra greenery to your life is easy!

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