Fantastic Feet

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Question: What is the last thing you take off before you go to bed?

Answer: Your feet off the floor.


This riddle is funny–and true! Starting as soon as children learn to walk. But the answer isn’t always obvious. Kids and grown-ups alike don’t tend to spend too much time thinking about their feet. But feet are pretty amazing.

By the time a child is six years old, the feet will have developed into their own unique shape. They’ll continue to grow in size, but not always in form. Various external factors throughout a child’s life can affect the foot’s overall shape and functionality. These factors include shoes, socks, and supporting surfaces. However, the posture and the system of the foot is the same in children’s feet as those in adults.  Because the characteristics of children’s feet are equivalent to adult feet, a child’s foot will respond to the same biomechanical solutions. This means they can benefit from arch supports.

The normal foot pronates and supinates during the walking cycle. Good Feet’s youth arch supports are designed to provide enough support for the growing foot so that the walking cycle is not impeded by hard surfaces or physical activity. The supports limit the side-to-side motion of the feet without aggressively repositioning the foot.

Not all arch supports are made the same. Over-the-counter arch supports can’t always address the foot concerns that custom-fit supports address. Custom-fit supports provide a better surface for the feet. For children over the age of six, they can be a beneficial addition to shoes of all types. The purpose of arch supports during this phase of life is to provide balance, comfort, and support the foot as it grows, as well as to help minimize the adverse effects of today’s flat shoes and concrete walking surfaces.

So as you start getting serious about back to school shopping, think about more than just supplies for the classroom. After school activities like sports and clubs are examples of when your kids may really notice the benefit of arch supports. Active kids are happy kids and happy kids can feel even better with proper support.    

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