Back to School Safety

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School is almost back in session! Are your kids excited? Are you excited? For some, back-to-school time means busses clogging up the roads again. But for the kids getting on the bus, it’s a different story.

Going back to school is fun and exciting. It also poses risks. Fortunately, a little preparation and some safety precautions can make those rushed weekday mornings run a little smoother and safer. Help ensure a safe commute for the kids of your community with these safety tips from ODOT.

Basic Safety for Back to School:

  • Children are harder to see than adults because they are smaller. Adhere to school-zone speed limits and remember that when you see one, there is probably another.
  • Consider the time of year. Shorter days and weather conditions will affect visibility and safety on roads and sidewalks.
  • If you have a child, make sure they know and can repeat your full name, address and telephone number.
  • Establish an age-appropriate and agreed upon routine for pick-up and drop-off.
  • Find a friend for your child to walk to school or bus stop with, or consider walking with them yourself.  

Being “old enough” to walk to school alone is different from being ready. Can your child:

  •         Pay attention?
  •         Remember and follow rules?
  •         Make good decisions?
  •         Feel comfortable being independent?

Whether your child bikes, busses, walks or carpools to school, it’s important for children to know and follow safety procedures. It’s also important for adults to know too.

To make the back-to-school season a little more fun, Good Feet is offering free shoe lights with each purchase of children’s shoes. Stop by your local store to get ready for the back to school season!





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