#TeamMemberTuesday – Spotlight on Jamie

Jamie Crew, Meridian store manager, loves the outdoors, especially hiking in the mountains. That’s why Idaho is the perfect place for him. He’s lived in the state for three years and enjoys the active lifestyle he’s able to have.

For him, Good Feet came into the equation after training for a marathon with his sister. During training, he developed severe plantar fasciitis in his left foot. Jamie tried going to an orthopedic surgeon who gave him injections and had arch supports made for him. He also tried going to the chiropractor. He was able to complete the marathon he’d trained for, but he was still in a lot of pain. He says, “I was in so much pain that I started having to crawl out of bed in the morning.”

But then his “luck changed” when he made the move to Idaho. He applied to work at Good Feet after hearing about the amazing things they did. He’s been wearing Good Feet arch supports for the past two and a half years and is happy to report his feet don’t bother him anymore.

This summer, Jamie took to the mountains of Idaho for a five-day backpacking trip, hiking into a basecamp and taking trips from there. “We hiked everyday for five straight days anywhere from five to seven miles per day.” Five miles is a lot, even when it’s walking on a flat sidewalk. It feels like even more when it’s on uneven terrain!

In the pictures, you’ll see a long tube poking out of Jamie’s backpack. That’s his fly fishing rod. He and his wife had good luck fishing for brook trout and cutthroats. They saw osprey, golden eagles, and bald eagles along the trail. Sounds like a great time!

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