Hello, North Carolina

Waverly Outside

Good Feet NW | SE is excited to be joining the Charlotte community!

We are proud to bring good foot health to the Southeast region with our first store in Charlotte. The Good Feet Store’s certified fitters are trained to fit uniquely designed arch supports that help guide the foot into its natural ‘ideal’ position, as well as encourage even weight distribution and proper body alignment from the ground up. The supports can be useful for anyone who wants to perform better, prevent injury, recover from activity, or even reduce pain.

Earlier this summer, we hosted a career fair for our newest store. Our enthusiasm has only grown since then. District Manager Rolanda says, “we connected with some great individuals who are excited to be on our team!”

Rolanda and other new Charlotte employees travelled to different Good Feet NW | SE locations throughout the country and learned the ins and outs of being arch support experts and building a stellar team.

Good Feet believes in creating a positive impact. That’s our reason for being in business–our why. It appears in everything we do, from our personalized in-store fittings to our community outreach. We want to help the communities we’re a part of live the lives they love without their feet getting in the way.

We look forward to seeing you soon!




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