Arch Supports are to Shoes What Cream Cheese is to Bagels


A bagel without cream cheese is like your favorite pair of shoes without arch supports. No, thank you! We know why cream cheese is so important to bagels, but why are arch supports so important to shoes?

Much the way a morning bagel and cream cheese can provide a solid foundation for a busy day, a pair of arch supports in your shoes can provide a solid foundation for a busy person. Good Feet helps put the feet back into their ideal position with personally fit arch supports that slide neatly into your shoes.

Good Feet arch supports support the four arches of the foot and help place them in their ideal position, which encourages the arch to act like the natural cushion it was designed to be. This means more comfort for you throughout the day, no matter what’s on your agenda. The supports also balance the pressure on the feet so that one area is never forced to take on too much pressure. This can provide the whole body with better balance and stability.

You can put cream cheese on any type of bagel, and you can put arch supports in just about any type of shoe–even sandals. Arch supports are a critical addition to shoes because shoes alone simply can’t provide the support that Good Feet arch supports do.

So we support Apple’s move to slather on the spread. We’d request that Apple add arch supports to the shoe emojis they have now, but our arch supports are so small and unobtrusive you might not even be able to see them. At least in the case of arch supports, it’s about feeling, not seeing.

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