What Are You Thankful For?

What Are You Thankful For

“Oh boy, am I thankful!” Mella T. says. She’s reflecting on her long journey with Good Feet arch supports.

She first went to The Good Feet Store approximately eighteen years ago, shortly after her husband passed away. She was trying to manage her household, but her back was really bothering her. She thought her back trouble had something to do with her posture. She spent a lot of time searching for a solution, even going to an orthopedist for help.

But she still didn’t know that her back problems were related to her feet until she happened upon a Good Feet store. At Good Feet, she learned about the importance of her feet and how they affect the rest of the body. And last year, Mella was finally diagnosed with Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction. Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction is often called ‘adult acquired flatfoot’ because it is the most common type of flatfoot developed during adulthood. The dysfunction can cause a progressive flattening of the feet as well as pain, swelling, and ankle rolling. Her podiatrist thinks it may have stemmed from a broken ankle at age eleven and thought it was a good idea that Mella was using her Good Feet arch supports.  

Mella remembers how they felt a little funny at first. “It was like walking on a marble,” she says. That feeling, she realized, was just the arch support doing its job and supporting all the arches in her feet. Within a week after getting her arch supports she felt a lot better. “I was able to stand without pain. That was a wonderful experience. So I’ve continued to use them routinely.” She attributes her ability to stay on her feet to her arch supports. She also appreciates how Good Feet’s maintenance plan means she doesn’t have to worry about her arch support upkeep. She only has to call Good Feet for help!

With Mella’s feet taken care of and feeling comfortable, she’s able to take on the demands of daily life. Part of her time she devotes to taking care of her four cats. She also likes to visit her son who lives in Washington State near the Cascades. When she visits, she enjoys hiking there. She also likes hiking in the Appalachian Mountains.  

Mella acknowledges her arch supports have helped her throughout this journey. “I’m very thankful I noticed the store,” she says. Being thankful is a common theme here at Good Feet. Because sometimes, it’s the things we take for granted that are the most important.

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