What We’re Thankful For


November is all about being thankful, and there’s a lot to be thankful for. We’re thankful for our feet, which make many wonderful experiences enjoyable, and sometimes even possible: like spending time with family, travelling, or taking a stroll in the crisp autumn air. Good Feet employees share why they’re thankful this season. Because it’s the simple things that matter.

Angelina, who is celebrating three and half great years with Good Feet, discovered the arch supports after years of foot pain. She says she was finding that each summer she was running a little less than she had been able to the summer before. “Running was like drinking water [for me], and not being able to run was devastating…I will never forget the first day I got my supports. I just stood up right out of the chair with no pain! Then I was walking with no pain!” The arch supports allowed her to return rejuvenated to her routine. She remembers no longer having to tell her son to wait for her “motor to warm up” before they could do something. She could be ready to go in no time! She likes to check in to see how they’re doing, and celebrate with them, thankful that she can relate to their transformation.

Assistant Manager Stephanie of Tualatin has been a Good Feet fan even before her long career at Good Feet. She’d had three reconstructive surgeries on her feet by the time she was four and as an adult was injured when a drunk driver hit her car. Her arch supports helped her recover and gave her support during two difficult pregnancies. Now, her sons are ten and thirteen, and she’s onto her newest project: redoing her house. She says she puts on her old Brooks sneakers with Maintainer arch supports and is ready to go. She and her family also recently visited Seattle, where they did a lot of walking…comfortably! She’s thankful the arch supports have been able to help her throughout the many phases of her life.

Stephanie once considered a career in physical therapy. When physical factors made that impossible, she still wanted the opportunity to spend her time helping people and making a difference. That’s why she feels like she’s found a perfect fit at Good Feet.

Team member Will is similarly thankful for Good Feet. Injuries to his back had plagued him with back pain for many years, and improper alignment throughout his body made things worse. He found the arch supports extremely helpful and says “I couldn’t be more thankful for all the relief they have provided.”

He’s also thankful that he gets to spend his professional life educating people on the importance of Good Feet, and all the arch supports can do for people. Thanks in part to his arch supports, Will is able to enjoy an active lifestyle today, hunting, fishing, and hiking. And he’s also able to spread the opportunity to be active with everyone who comes into the store, which is yet another reason to be thankful!

No matter how you spend your time–whether it’s keeping up with your kids, planning a hiking trip or working on a project–you can feel your best while doing it. Good Feet arch supports come in a wide variety of styles to help meet you wherever you’re at. Now, what are you thankful for?

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