Give Thanks to Your Feet

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Though they may be far from the mind, they’re an essential part of what we do: our feet may seem small, but the role they play in movement is not. Though feet account for only two percent of a person’s body mass, they’re the foundation of the entire body and endure tons of pressure each and every day.

Let’s spend a moment giving thanks to these toe-tally important appendages. According to the website Mental Floss, a person can expect to walk around 100,000 miles in their life. That’s a lot of miles, and a lot of times it covers ground we don’t even think about: tidying the house or running errands.

Taking a step may be simple, but it’s only because your body is doing a lot of work to make it seem that way. The foot is a complex network of muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and is made up of twenty six bones. It has the tremendous responsibility of carrying your entire body weight, which means that discomfort in the foot can mean discomfort in the rest of the body.

If your feet are not properly aligned and supporting your body efficiently, your whole body structure can become misaligned – resulting in pain in your feet, and possibly in the knees, hips, and back. But when your feet are properly supported, you’re free to move with ease and efficiency.

Feet, like people, change. Aging and putting the miles on takes a toll on our feet. Over time, the feet lose the padding they’re born with and can expand and grow wider due to the repeated pressure we put on them. Fortunately, they’re also resilient. All they want is a little love and attention — taking care and supporting them is the best way to do that.  

So give thanks to your feet by paying attention to what they’re telling you. Are your sneakers getting worn out? Do you need support in the shoes you have? Oftentimes, we forget to take our feet into account. But the feet have almost 8,000 nerves in them, which means they’re quite sensitive. This season, give them the love they deserve and show them a little thanks by caring for and supporting them with shoes and arch supports that fit the needs of your unique feet. Your feet will thank you for it.

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