Five Reasons We’re Thankful for Our Arch Supports

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The best thing about being part of the Good Feet team is being able to make a positive impact with so many wonderful individuals. But what makes this all possible? Good Feet arch supports themselves! It can be easy to get distracted by the big picture and forget about the little things that contribute to making up the big picture. So we spent a couple minutes thinking about all the things our arch supports do for us.

1 – The supports are always there. No matter what we’re doing, the supports are there too, supporting us invisibly. Whether it’s a relaxing evening by the fire in our house shoes, or an active hike, the supports add to our experience.  

2 – They’re easy to use and valuable. You can slip them into any pair of shoes and even wear them with flip flops! One Good Feet fan from Utah who came to Good Feet with aching feet says, “It’s better to invest in your feet now in lieu of getting surgery ten years down the road.” No matter when you decide to get arch supports, or why you need them, Good Feet will be with you every step of the way!

3 –  Good Feet supports give back year after year. They help keep your feet in their ideal position and your body aligned so you can live the life you love without having to worry about your feet. It’s a gift that keeps giving in all seasons, not something you buy and then forget about a few days later. Whether you’re slipping into house shoes for another cozy winter or simply slipping the Maintainers from sneaker to dress shoe, Good Feet has your back because it has your feet.

4 – Good Feet arch supports give us the support we need to keep us moving, day and night. Elementary school teacher Jeannine C. in Boise, Idaho, has been able to resume her evening routine of walking with the help of Good Feet. She says, “after being fitted with the arch supports, I walked out the door with a perfect stride and [was] absolutely pain free…I’ve been able to walk two miles after school!”

5 – They’re unique to each person’s needs. During a fitting, each individual’s work environment, activities, lifestyle, and shoe preferences are taken into account. So no matter personal preference or style specifics, Good Feet has just the supports to fit your feet.

We’re thankful for our arch supports, because they allow us to live our best lives and help others do the same — which is what we’re all about. Our employees, who each wear the supports themselves, can attest to this. When you stop in for your free fitting, you’ll be able to see how the arch supports can help you, and also how they’ve helped so many others.

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