The Spirit of Giving

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The spirit of giving was in full swing during the Tualatin Chamber of Commerce AM networking event this past Friday. Friendly faces greeted attendees as they made their way into The Good Feet Store and out of the rain. Many came with socks to donate to this year’s Good Feet for a Good Cause benefit drive. Good Feet, in partnership with iHeartRadio, is collecting donations to benefit Transition Projects. Joel Saxe of Get Fit With Joel had to take two trips to his car. He kindly delivered over five pairs of like-new shoes–still in their boxes–to the donation bin to help Transition Projects, which supports those in need in our community.  

An essential pillar of these Chamber events is the act of giving, so it was perfect that Good Feet had the opportunity to host the event during this season of giving and it’s counterpart, being thankful. Whether we’re giving by educating someone on what we do, or we’re being thankful by acknowledging a local business that has helped us out, or we’re simply giving our presence and support at an event, it’s always the giving season for the most successful–and most fun to be a part of–businesses.

Chamber members learned about arch supports, connected and strengthened their ties to the local community. Good Feet customer and Chamber member Royce Willis, of Raw Essential Oils, came to share knowledge of essential oils as well as give two lucky raffle winners some introductory bottles so they can try essential oils for themselves. Dentist Julie Spaniel shared some information about her new practice and her nonprofit where she takes high school students to Honduras to learn about the lifesaving power of dentistry, and the importance of serving. She said that she wants to show “how by giving, you get a lot back, too.”

That idea aligns well with Good Feet’s mission to create a positive impact. When we create a positive impact with our community, it’s not just the community that’s rewarded. We’re all rewarded. Everyone benefits when people are empowered to live the lives they love. Everybody is able to reap the benefits of having an opportunity to share their passions and knowledge and give back. That’s why we’re thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the Chamber and everything it stands for.


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