Walkin’ Through a Winter Wonderland

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Winter can be a slippery time, in car and on foot. But that doesn’t mean you need to stay cooped up. This winter, instead of staying in, don’t be afraid to immerse yourself in the season. Good Feet is giving the following tips to help you make the most of your experience and make sure you can give yourself the gift of preparedness when you embark on your own winter adventure, whether that’s building a snowman or going skiing.

  • The chilly winter air–and the heating devices we take advantage of to chase it away–can have a drying effect on the whole body. Although we may think to apply lotion to our arms and legs, we may not think all the way down to our feet. But they need moisture too! For maximum absorption, designate a pair of socks to wear after you apply lotion. The socks will help improve absorption as well as keep lotion from getting all over the floor!


  • Comfort is important every time of the year.  In the summertime, feet frequently have to battle with flip flops, which offer abundant fresh air but not a lot of support to the foot. In the wintertime, it’s a different struggle: slippers. Some slippers look comfy and cute, but many offer no support whatsoever. Good Feet likes Giesswein house shoes, which have a removable foot bed that you can easily slip your arch supports into. The natural, breathable, boiled wool keeps you cozy without letting you get too hot.


  • Feet tend to get bundled up in the winter…and stay bundled up. But don’t forget to look at your toes. Even though they may not be as exposed to the elements as they usually are, it’s important for them to get some love too. Keep your toenails well trimmed and wear socks that are appropriate for the weather. Wool and polyester blend socks are perfect for winter wear and will help keep your toes warm and dry.


  • Protect the shoes that protect your feet. Winter brings water, both in frozen and liquid form. The shoes you wear will determine whether or not your feet stay dry when you’re out and about in the elements. Consider giving your shoes a little a help combating the elements with a water and stain protector.


This December, get out and enjoy walking through your own winter wonderland with these tips for keeping your feet healthy and warm. Good Feet can help! Stop by a store to check out our Total Foot Repair cream, which can improve circulation, help with plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, and cracked skin. A pair of merino wool FIT socks from Good Feet will complete the pampering. And Good Feet’s spray-on shoe shield can help shield your shoes so they can keep shielding you!

Oh, and before we forget to include the most important winter tip, here it is: hot cocoa and feet by the fire is the best way to finish up any winter adventure!

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