Five Exercises to Improve Balance and Get You Moving

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No matter how fit or active you are now, you can always improve! This workout from personal trainer Randi M’s Stretch, Strength and Stamina class is designed for those with arthritis or osteoporosis and is a immersive way to move the body. These five exercises use very little equipment but are a whole lot of fun–and a good workout. All you need is yourself, a bouncy ball, and a chair. Don’t forget water, either!

  • Using a basketball or beach ball, dribble once with your right hand, once with your left hand, and once together. Keeping the ball bouncing is more challenging than it may seem! Alternate dribbling hands for one minute, and then switch activities. This time, toss your ball up in the air, clap once, and catch it with your right hand. Toss the ball up again, clap, and catch it with your left. Repeat this for one minute. This fun exercise will get the heart rate up a little, as well as work on coordination and balance.


  • Start by walking in place. Take one foot behind the other then bring it back to front. Repeat with the other leg. Do this for one minute, then walk in place for one minute. Complete this circuit three times for a total-body warm-up!


  • Do the shuffle! With feet shoulder width apart, alternate tapping each foot a little farther out to the side. Do this for one minute and rest for thirty seconds by walking in place. Complete five times. You’ll feel a stretch in your legs, and may get a little breathless, but this exercise is a great way to encourage balance.


  • Standing with the edge of a folding chair or dining chair on the back of your knees, slowly squat down until you are in a sitting position. But don’t get too comfortable! Raise yourself back to standing before you have fully settled into your seat. Aim to repeat this five to eight times, adjusting to your body’s individual needs.


  • Stand like a star, with feet spread and arms straight. Complete seven to ten arm circles on each side. Rest for thirty seconds to a minute before completing another ten on each side. Make doing three sets your goal, but prioritize how your body feels and make adjustments to your routine as needed.

Set some time aside each week to do these exercises, and notice how they make you feel. If you’re anything like the team at Good Feet, you’ll feel energized, strong, and ready for whatever comes your way!

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