New Year, New You!

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The first month of a new year brings opportunities and rejuvenation to our lives. It’s the chance to take what we’ve learned in the past year and build a focus and goals for the year to come. Throughout the month, Good Feet has been diving into 2019 with a goal to be the best it can be. This dedication extends to every aspect of the lives of our team members, from work to recreation. Good Feet shared some ways we’re living ‘New Year, New You’ this year.

Overall, there are a few things we’re thinking about this year: fitness, family, and fun and are inspiring Good Feet team members in every store! In Utah, manager Daniel is making plans to compete in a Ragnar relay race this coming spring. He’s a runner like our Director of Sales and Operations, Kristina, who competed in Washington state’s Ragnar relay last fall. There’s no doubt about it: positive and active energy is contagious!

And, it can spread across states. In Eugene, Oregon, manager Kelli is also ramping up her fitness goals. A biker who has noticed how much her arch supports have helped her cycle, Kelli has recently joined a six week fitness challenge to help ensure that she’s getting 2019 started off on the right foot.

Raul from Tualatin, Oregon is combining his passion for his family with his desire to be healthier in 2019. He says, “family is a big part of my life and I plan on doing a lot more travelling adventures and sightseeing with my family in 2019…all while wearing my supports which have helped me tremendously by eliminating my sore feet after lots of walking and hiking.”  

Manager Jessica in Salem, Oregon, is also looking forward to the opportunities 2019 promises. “My daughter turns sixteen this June and wants a sweet sixteen party, so I will be working hard to pay for that! But I am so excited to get all my friends and family together to celebrate such an awesome occasion. I look forward to all that 2019 may bring!”

How are you living ‘New Year, New You’ in 2019? Whether it is spending more time with family or making more time for yourself to pursue your personal goals, positive energy and a can-do attitude are key, and they come in abundance at The Good Feet Store! Stop by the store for a little more inspiration, or to learn about how Good Feet arch supports can help you make 2019 your best year yet!


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