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Well, we’re in the final two weeks of January! How are you enjoying 2019? If you are like many people, you may have started this year with the intention of setting and keeping a resolution. And if you are like many more people, it’s a good chance your resolution was fitness or health based. As January draws to a close, it can be hard to keep the motivation you felt at the beginning of the year.

In fact, according to US Health News, 80% of people with resolutions find themselves defeated by the second week of February. So, how do you make it over the slump? Good Feet talked with Caroline Cregger, Manager and Personal Trainer at Boom Fitness and learned ways to make it over the roadblocks and stay strong with your goal. Here are some ways to recharge, remember what you’re working for, and continue on the winning streak you established at the beginning of the year.


  • Take responsibility. Make going to the gym, getting your alone time, or whatever you choose as your goal, a mandatory meeting. Many of us are in meetings throughout the day and dread the idea of having to schedule more time on the calendar to make time for ourselves. We think we’re giving ourselves a break when we take the night off from practice, or when we cancel our run. But we’re only delaying our progress!


  • Get into athlete mode. “I don’t care what anyone says…everyone has a little athlete in them!” Caroline says. “It’s just a matter of what brings that athlete out. Do you like soccer? Basketball? Weightlifting?” There is something for everyone in the world of fitness–it just depends on what works for you and makes you feel satisfied. If you started the month gung-ho about running but notice your interest is dwindling, try something else, like spinning or Crossfit.


  • Celebrate the little wins: you ate a healthy lunch! You couldn’t find parking nearby so you walked a little farther when you went to the grocery store! Positive reinforcement helps you do the right thing even when it’s hard.


  • Know your obstacles. Do you struggle with scheduling? Are you working with a medical condition? Acknowledging the things that could potentially get in the way of your success is the first step to overcoming them.


  • Make it easier on yourself by being mindful of all aspects of your life, not just your resolution. Be aware of what you’re eating, and how much. And of course, be kind to yourself, too: cutting out of your diet all tasty treats is a recipe for disaster. Instead, plan a meal or two per week where you can enjoy whatever it is you’re trying to cut back on. Making an occasion out of it can help increase your enjoyment of the treat, and also help you manage how much you chose to enjoy!


  • Keep your sleep hygiene in check. What is sleep hygiene? Sleep hygiene is a term that refers to your habits around sleeping. Making sure you don’t drink too much coffee or alcohol before bed, limiting in-bed screen time, and having a regular bedtime and morning alarm can help you start each day feeling alert and refreshed–and ready to tackle whatever comes your way!


  • Take notes. Personal Trainer Caroline recommends that some of her clients keep a journal to track their life on a daily basis. Noting what you ate, what activities you participated in, and your overall mood each day can help you monitor your steps and make the goal you’re working to seem more achievable. Journalling can also be helpful in that it makes the progress you’ve made so far more tangible!


  • Meditate. Even just ten minutes a day can help clear your head and put your thoughts in perspective. Instituting a meditation practice can also help you achieve success by helping you structure your day and encouraging you to keep your commitments.


  • Consider positive reinforcement from a person. Having someone hold you accountable can be a tremendous boon to your routine, and can even mean the difference between success and failure. Whether this person is a neighbor you walk around the block with or a personal trainer you schedule time for at the gym, commitment is key when it comes to pursuing goals.


Keeping goals can be challenging, but the outcome is rewarding. With persistence, positivity, and patience, you can achieve just about anything. 2019 is your year! Live the life you love.


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