Power to Powerlifters!


Jennifer Weed Thompson started out as a runner, but she didn’t stop there. She’s competed in The World Games for powerlifting and has a world record bench press: 320 lbs.

Good Feet employees can relate to just how amazing that number is! Fitter Laine is passionate about powerlifting and took some time to share her knowledge of powerlifting and talk about how her passion and her profession combine.

Powerlifting is similar to weightlifting and olympic lifting, but it is its own unique sport. It includes just three different lifts: squats, bench presses, and deadlifts. World Games competitor Jennifer Thompson excels at the bench press. Laine is familiar with all the lifts and enjoys the deadlift.

If you’ve dabbled in lifting yourself, you may be familiar with the common practice of removing one’s shoes before doing a deadlift. The idea behind it is that by removing your shoes you also remove a little extra height, and thus have less distance to lift.

But, as Laine points out, that’s a lot of pressure to put on your feet, especially when they are bare and don’t have any support. That’s why Laine lifts with her arch supports. She says, “it’s much more important to support the feet properly than it is to lose, at most, an inch or so of distance you have to lift.”

Laine is driven by the way lifting helps her feel. The gym is where she goes to get her me time, and she likes to share her lifting experience with her clients, some of who powerlift as well. She says, “it’s rewarding to help people get back to a healthy lifestyle.”

Whether you want to lift 32 pounds or 320 pounds, consider Good Feet to help you be your best this year!

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