Focus on the Feet and Inspire Health from Head to Toe


For anyone who has gotten a blister or stubbed a toe, it’s painfully obvious: when your feet aren’t functioning, it’s hard for you to function! Feet are nature’s mode of transportation, and taking care of them is essential. It’s like taking care of your car. Getting new tires may not be the most glamorous activity, but it’s incredibly important for safe driving. Unlike with your car’s tires, though, you can’t just get new feet! Proper foot health starts in childhood, but it’s never too late to improve.

These tips from Personal Trainer Caroline Cregger of Boom Fitness are some creative, easy ways to encourage health–from head to toe! As Caroline explains, the muscles in the body are all connected. This means that if you happen to hurt the arch of your foot, the muscles in the feet can pull on the calf muscles, which can pull on the hamstrings, which can pull on the back. Though there are many individual muscles in the body, they all influence each other. This is actually a good thing! It means that by focusing on just a small part of your body–your feet–you can affect the rest of it for the better! Here’s how:

  • Roll your feet with a ball to loosen muscles in the foot and leg. Caroline recommends a lacrosse ball, but tennis balls work as well. “By stretching your feet you stretch your body,” she says. Consider bringing a ball to work to keep under your desk for a mini midday stretch session.


  • As well as keeping a tennis ball under your desk at work, it can also be a treat for your toes to designate a pair of shoes as work shoes to keep under your desk, especially if you are regularly wear high heels. Make your next walk to the printer a little more comfortable!


  • Invest where it counts. Proper foot health is dependent on proper shoes. When it comes to tackling a new year’s fitness goal, a pair of well fitting sneakers is a great place to start. “The thing you need to invest in are shoes when it comes to any type of training,” Caroline says. Investing in arch supports can also help. Good Feet’s Total Body Wellness system is designed to put the feet in their ideal position and encourage proper body alignment. Which means you can focus on training–and not your feet.


  • For a spa-like treat, let your feet rest on a hot water bottle while you’re watching TV or reading. The warming sensation helps circulation, loosens the muscles, and aids relaxation.


  • Many people invest in massages for their bodies and think nothing of their feet. But a foot massage or reflexology session can be just as therapeutic as a massage. By working on the feet in-depth, the practitioner is able to also address the body. Your feet have many nerve endings, and stimulating them aids relaxation.


  • Practice picking things up with your feet. The ability to grip the ground is good for your arches because it strengthens them. Picking up a small bouncy ball or marble can be a fun and challenging task, and your feet will be rewarded! Good Feet’s Strengthener arch supports also work to rejuvenate the feet. They’re designed to exercise and strengthen your feet and are a great way to work on strengthening the feet when you’re on the go and don’t have time to do another exercise.


  • Stretch your body! As we know, everything in the body is connected, so by stretching both your upper and lower body, you’re helping your whole body succeed.

As we know here at The Good Feet Store, foot health is body health. By taking care of your feet, you empower yourself to live a life full of exciting experiences. The new year can bring out our desire to experience more and live life to the fullest, and by focusing on something achievable–like foot health, you can enjoy the path to the life you love.  


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