Good Feet Steps Into Spring

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Good Feet employees are stepping into the lives they love this spring. We checked in with three to learn about their plans for making the most of this season of rejuvenation.

Lucy in Salem, Oregon relates to everyone who comes to Good Feet wanting to lead more active, adventurous lifestyles and feeling held back by their feet. She says she know what it’s like. She used to suffer from plantar fasciitis and is no stranger to feeling less than peppy because of her feet. When she found Good Feet, she was able to jump back into her favorite pastime: Zumba. Lucy goes to Zumba around three times a week now, sometimes even for two hours. She’ll attend a regular Zumba class and then stick around her gym for Strong by Zumba, which is an even higher intensity class. Lucy didn’t always love Zumba, though. “I used to be at the back of the room,” Lucy says. Now, she’s “right up there with the instructor.” Lucy’s arch supports help Lucy Zumba, and Zumba helps Lucy feel alive. She loves to lace up her New Balance sneakers, new colors of which have recently come to The Good Feet Store. What a rockin’ way to welcome spring!

Over in Riverton, Utah, Daniel is training to run the Ragnar this summer. He’s been running since high school, when he picked it up as a way to cross train during wrestling season. Before he came to Good Feet, though, he was forced to cut down on his mileage. “I had flat feet, and although my feet have never hurt, I suffered from bad knees. So bad that I wasn’t able to do the trail runs I truly enjoy because I couldn’t go downhill. After two months in my Good Feet supports, I went on my first trail run in years. One year after starting, I signed up for a half marathon trail run series and completed four half marathons that summer.” What a powerhouse! How does he stay motivated? He says running helps him feel happier and more fit, and he notices he has more energy at the end of the day when he runs in the morning. He explains: “running is my zen time. I have a hard time meditating the old fashioned way–my mind works too fast. But when I run, I am able to process life. If I have a complicated decision to make, I will process through that decision while running.” Good luck at your race, Daniel.

Back in Oregon, Will at Johnson Creek is diving into spring with an active agenda that includes skydiving and windsurfing. An Oregon native who is back in the state after what to him was too much time spent away, he’s looking forward to getting out and enjoying the outdoor world this season. Will says, “the supports have helped me get to where I want to be, which is outside.” This spring, he’s learning more about Oregon’s abundant outdoor climbing opportunities and he hopes to explore some routes as the weather warms up. Climb on!

Good Feet employees are an active bunch, and this trio is no exception. They inspire with their drive to experience the world around them on their own terms. Their passion and enthusiasm are infectious. As these Good Feet team members have shown, there is something for everyone when it comes to being active and making the most of the warming weather and longer days. Now, how are you stepping into spring?

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