Spring Forward Without These Common Injuries Slowing You Down

jogging shoes closeup

After a winter of hibernating, springtime is the season when many people get back to activities like sports, hiking, and jogging. Because of this, springtime can also be a time of injury. Learn about three common injuries and how to recover from–and prevent–them.

Plantar Fasciitis: Plantar fasciitis is a common and painful foot injury. Many people who suffer from plantar fasciitis report feeling pain in their heel upon getting out of bed in the morning. Others may feel a persistent aching. Various factors contribute to plantar fasciitis, but people who work on their feet all day, such as those in the service industry, are at increased risk because they often work on hard, unforgiving ground that aggravates the feet.

Plantar fasciitis can also be triggered by an increase or change in activity. When the plantar fascia, a thick, powerful ligament that connects the heel bone to the bone in front of the foot, is stretched or strained during the the course of standing or walking, it may become irritated or inflamed, which can cause pain in the heel and arch of the foot.

Shin Splints: Shin splints are painful but not impossible to overcome. They are frequently the result of an increase in activity, and can be healed with proper rest and stretching. Having flat feet or fallen arches also increases your risk of shin splints. Having flat feet can be hereditary, but they can also develop over time. Properly supporting the foot can help ease pain throughout the shin, leaving you free to go farther and perform better.

Ankle Sprains: The ankle is one of the most important joints in the human body. It supports the entire skeletal structure above it, and it’s essential to our ability to walk, run, jump, and get around with ease. Made up of only three bones, the ankle is one of the most commonly injured joints in the human body. The majority of ankle pain is a result of an activity-related injury, such as twisting or tripping over uneven ground. Being out of shape or out of practice can also increase the risk of injury.

So how can we prevent these three common injuries? There are few simple ways to reduce risk and recover faster. First, making adequate time for recovery is essential. When the body is adjusting to more physical activity, or new forms of it, it needs time to adjust and get used to the change.

Stretching is also important. Many people focus on the physically strenuous part of working out, but what happens before and after is important too. Take at least three minutes before your workout to do some light stretching, remembering to stretch every part of your body, not just the part you’re planning to work out (example: if you’re going for a run, stretch your arms as well as your legs).

Finally, make sure your equipment is quality. Start from the ground up: what you put on your feet is essential. Good Feet arch supports are designed to support he feet and hold the four arches of the foot in their ideal position, strengthening the muscles in the feet. This support helps combat flat feet, which can contribute to shin splints. It also provides a solid, supported foundation that can help with pain related to plantar fasciitis and ankle injuries. Good Feet’s Total Body Wellness system is great for anyone looking to prevent injury, recover activity, or improve performance. So when you’re getting ready to go out and make the most of the spring weather, don’t forget to take care of the essentials so you can go farther and feel better!

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