Step Into Spring With Your Best Foot Forward

Small Size Step Into Spring 3.11.19

Devote some time to your feet to feel rejuvenated this spring. With your feet feeling springy, you’ll be able to tackle all the other spring tasks you want to accomplish, whether that task is spring cleaning or spring fitness training!  


  • Ever doubt the power of massage? Try this self-massage for your feet. We bet you’ll feel relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards. Rest your foot on the opposite knee, and with your thumbs, massage the fatty part of your foot. This is called the metatarsal pad, and it plays an important role in keeping feet padded and feeling healthy. Years of walking on hard surfaces can wear the pad, which often results in pain. Massaging the foot can provide temporary relief, and arch supports with metatarsal support can help on an ongoing basis. Good Feet arch supports are designed with a metatarsal rise, which helps support the entire foot.


  • Give yourself a rejuvenating foot soak. In a basin, combine half a cup of epsom salt, four drops of lavender, one drop of tea tree oil, and three drops of lemon oil. Then sit back and relax. The epsom salt, lavender and tea tree oil will help sanitize and soften the feet while the lemon oil will rejuvenate with it’s fresh, springy scent.


  • It may be getting warmer, but it’s not sandal weather yet! Make sure your socks match the weather. Socks that are too warm or thick can create a hot, humid environment perfect for breeding all the bacteria you don’t want in your shoes! Wearing breathable socks helps ensure your feet won’t overheat and can regulate temperature, thus allowing you freedom to adventure the way you want to.


  • Step into ideal foot–and body alignment. When the bones in your feet are out of alignment, the rest of your body is too. By prioritizing foot health and investing in the proper support for your feet, you’ll be putting your health first and will be allowing yourself the opportunity to put your best foot forward–in all aspects of your life–this spring.


Spring is the time to step out and enjoy yourself. The weather is getting nice, and there are more and more opportunities to do things outside. Don’t let anything hold you back this season. The world is yours to explore, and Good Feet can help you do it in comfort.

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