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Good Feet arch supports come in over 300 shapes, sizes and flexibilities to fit every lifestyle, work style, body and passion.

Triple the smiles.

Our 3-Step System combines a strengthener, maintainer and relaxer arch support for continuous support no matter what you do or shoes you wear.

3-Step Arch Support System


The “workhorse” of our 3-Step System. Designed to exercise, strengthen and move the foot into the Ideal Foot position.

Pain relief

In the Ideal Foot position, body weight is evenly distributed, reducing painful pressure points. Hip, knee, and back pain is often alleviated as well.

Provides side-to-side stability

The Ideal Foot position improves overall balance, posture and skeletal alignment. A bonus for any activity requiring balance such as golf.

Supports all four arches

The inner longitudinal, outer longitudinal, metatarsal and transverse arch are all supported. Perfect for long hours on hard surfaces like asphalt or concrete.

Best worn in closed-toe, laced shoes

Wear with athletic shoes, casual sneakers or work boots for maximum support.


Designed to maintain the foot’s arch infrastructure for all-day comfort in any shoes or activity you choose.

Maintains the Ideal Foot position

Designed to maintain the position established by the Strengthener.

Supports all four arches

Also supports all four arches, but less aggressive than Strengtheners with lower arch support features.

Ideal for athletic activities

A lower profile and flatter heel platform allow more foot movement. Great for activities requiring agility and lateral motion.

Fit a wide variety of shoes

A thinner, moderate profile fits most shoe types including dress shoes, loafers, sandals, mules and even heels.


Designed to rest and relax the arches without sacrificing support or progress.

Essential during the break-in period

Relaxers give feet a rest when getting used to the more aggressive supports, reducing adjustment time.

Supportive, yet gentle

Lower and more flexible inner and outer longitudinal support, our flattest heel platform and no metatarsal rise.

Perfect for sandals & tight-fitting shoes

As some of our thinnest and lightest supports, Relaxers fit sandals, house shoes, flats and most tight-fitting shoes.


Brands we love and carry.

Good Feet premium arch supports take every shoe to the next level of comfort and support. We carry those that do it best. Selection varies by store. Feel free to call ahead for exact availability.