Balance and Alignment


As the song goes, the foot bone’s connected to the ankle bone, the ankle bone’s connected to the leg bone…and so on. Everything in the body is connected! When one part of the body isn’t performing well, it is hard to get another part of the body to perform at it’s best.

The foot and ankle bones, which ideally go straight up, can sometimes become pronated or supinated. A pronated foot will lean or “roll” in towards the other foot, and a supinated foot leans out. This malalignment can affect everything up from the foot! Knees frequently suffer from such malalignment because they are the first joint above the feet, but hips can also be affected.

The goal in alignment is to have even pressure throughout the feet and in the body, and when that’s not possible, the body works to correct itself. Calluses, for example, occur when there is repeated rubbing or pressure on a certain part of the foot. When some folks step into our supports, they feel an immediate improvement because their body is no longer straining to align itself–it finally has the support it needs.


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