Good Feet Steps Into Spring

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Good Feet employees are stepping into the lives they love this spring. We checked in with three to learn about their plans for making the most of this season of rejuvenation.

Lucy in Salem, Oregon relates to everyone who comes to Good Feet wanting to lead more active, adventurous lifestyles and feeling held back by their feet. She says she know what it’s like. She used to suffer from plantar fasciitis and is no stranger to feeling less than peppy because of her feet. When she found Good Feet, she was able to jump back into her favorite pastime: Zumba. Lucy goes to Zumba around three times a week now, sometimes even for two hours. She’ll attend a regular Zumba class and then stick around her gym for Strong by Zumba, which is an even higher intensity class. Lucy didn’t always love Zumba, though. “I used to be at the back of the room,” Lucy says. Now, she’s “right up there with the instructor.” Lucy’s arch supports help Lucy Zumba, and Zumba helps Lucy feel alive. She loves to lace up her New Balance sneakers, new colors of which have recently come to The Good Feet Store. What a rockin’ way to welcome spring!

Over in Riverton, Utah, Daniel is training to run the Ragnar this summer. He’s been running since high school, when he picked it up as a way to cross train during wrestling season. Before he came to Good Feet, though, he was forced to cut down on his mileage. “I had flat feet, and although my feet have never hurt, I suffered from bad knees. So bad that I wasn’t able to do the trail runs I truly enjoy because I couldn’t go downhill. After two months in my Good Feet supports, I went on my first trail run in years. One year after starting, I signed up for a half marathon trail run series and completed four half marathons that summer.” What a powerhouse! How does he stay motivated? He says running helps him feel happier and more fit, and he notices he has more energy at the end of the day when he runs in the morning. He explains: “running is my zen time. I have a hard time meditating the old fashioned way–my mind works too fast. But when I run, I am able to process life. If I have a complicated decision to make, I will process through that decision while running.” Good luck at your race, Daniel.

Back in Oregon, Will at Johnson Creek is diving into spring with an active agenda that includes skydiving and windsurfing. An Oregon native who is back in the state after what to him was too much time spent away, he’s looking forward to getting out and enjoying the outdoor world this season. Will says, “the supports have helped me get to where I want to be, which is outside.” This spring, he’s learning more about Oregon’s abundant outdoor climbing opportunities and he hopes to explore some routes as the weather warms up. Climb on!

Good Feet employees are an active bunch, and this trio is no exception. They inspire with their drive to experience the world around them on their own terms. Their passion and enthusiasm are infectious. As these Good Feet team members have shown, there is something for everyone when it comes to being active and making the most of the warming weather and longer days. Now, how are you stepping into spring?

Spring Forward Without These Common Injuries Slowing You Down

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After a winter of hibernating, springtime is the season when many people get back to activities like sports, hiking, and jogging. Because of this, springtime can also be a time of injury. Learn about three common injuries and how to recover from–and prevent–them.

Plantar Fasciitis: Plantar fasciitis is a common and painful foot injury. Many people who suffer from plantar fasciitis report feeling pain in their heel upon getting out of bed in the morning. Others may feel a persistent aching. Various factors contribute to plantar fasciitis, but people who work on their feet all day, such as those in the service industry, are at increased risk because they often work on hard, unforgiving ground that aggravates the feet.

Plantar fasciitis can also be triggered by an increase or change in activity. When the plantar fascia, a thick, powerful ligament that connects the heel bone to the bone in front of the foot, is stretched or strained during the the course of standing or walking, it may become irritated or inflamed, which can cause pain in the heel and arch of the foot.

Shin Splints: Shin splints are painful but not impossible to overcome. They are frequently the result of an increase in activity, and can be healed with proper rest and stretching. Having flat feet or fallen arches also increases your risk of shin splints. Having flat feet can be hereditary, but they can also develop over time. Properly supporting the foot can help ease pain throughout the shin, leaving you free to go farther and perform better.

Ankle Sprains: The ankle is one of the most important joints in the human body. It supports the entire skeletal structure above it, and it’s essential to our ability to walk, run, jump, and get around with ease. Made up of only three bones, the ankle is one of the most commonly injured joints in the human body. The majority of ankle pain is a result of an activity-related injury, such as twisting or tripping over uneven ground. Being out of shape or out of practice can also increase the risk of injury.

So how can we prevent these three common injuries? There are few simple ways to reduce risk and recover faster. First, making adequate time for recovery is essential. When the body is adjusting to more physical activity, or new forms of it, it needs time to adjust and get used to the change.

Stretching is also important. Many people focus on the physically strenuous part of working out, but what happens before and after is important too. Take at least three minutes before your workout to do some light stretching, remembering to stretch every part of your body, not just the part you’re planning to work out (example: if you’re going for a run, stretch your arms as well as your legs).

Finally, make sure your equipment is quality. Start from the ground up: what you put on your feet is essential. Good Feet arch supports are designed to support he feet and hold the four arches of the foot in their ideal position, strengthening the muscles in the feet. This support helps combat flat feet, which can contribute to shin splints. It also provides a solid, supported foundation that can help with pain related to plantar fasciitis and ankle injuries. Good Feet’s Total Body Wellness system is great for anyone looking to prevent injury, recover activity, or improve performance. So when you’re getting ready to go out and make the most of the spring weather, don’t forget to take care of the essentials so you can go farther and feel better!

Step Into Spring With Your Best Foot Forward

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Devote some time to your feet to feel rejuvenated this spring. With your feet feeling springy, you’ll be able to tackle all the other spring tasks you want to accomplish, whether that task is spring cleaning or spring fitness training!  


  • Ever doubt the power of massage? Try this self-massage for your feet. We bet you’ll feel relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards. Rest your foot on the opposite knee, and with your thumbs, massage the fatty part of your foot. This is called the metatarsal pad, and it plays an important role in keeping feet padded and feeling healthy. Years of walking on hard surfaces can wear the pad, which often results in pain. Massaging the foot can provide temporary relief, and arch supports with metatarsal support can help on an ongoing basis. Good Feet arch supports are designed with a metatarsal rise, which helps support the entire foot.


  • Give yourself a rejuvenating foot soak. In a basin, combine half a cup of epsom salt, four drops of lavender, one drop of tea tree oil, and three drops of lemon oil. Then sit back and relax. The epsom salt, lavender and tea tree oil will help sanitize and soften the feet while the lemon oil will rejuvenate with it’s fresh, springy scent.


  • It may be getting warmer, but it’s not sandal weather yet! Make sure your socks match the weather. Socks that are too warm or thick can create a hot, humid environment perfect for breeding all the bacteria you don’t want in your shoes! Wearing breathable socks helps ensure your feet won’t overheat and can regulate temperature, thus allowing you freedom to adventure the way you want to.


  • Step into ideal foot–and body alignment. When the bones in your feet are out of alignment, the rest of your body is too. By prioritizing foot health and investing in the proper support for your feet, you’ll be putting your health first and will be allowing yourself the opportunity to put your best foot forward–in all aspects of your life–this spring.


Spring is the time to step out and enjoy yourself. The weather is getting nice, and there are more and more opportunities to do things outside. Don’t let anything hold you back this season. The world is yours to explore, and Good Feet can help you do it in comfort.

March Forth With a Spring in Your Step

Step into Spring 3.6.19

When springtime rolls around, thoughts turn to refreshing and rejuvenating. Many times this means spring cleaning and ushering out the old to welcome the new. It’s fun to see pastel springtime color schemes and new warm weather styles. Jean jackets, capris, sandals…these point to a fun springtime vibe we all love to welcome.

Slipping on that springy attire is fun and rewarding, especially when you get compliments from your friends. But slipping on new springtime sandals is a different story. How many times have you fallen in love with a new pair of shoes only to realize once you bring them home that though they’re cute, they’re also uncomfortable? What to do? Some choose to suffer through the discomfort, others decide to put the new shoes in the closet with the hope that they’ll magically be more comfortable in a month or so (tip: sadly, they never are!).

Sandals can be especially tricky. It’s nice to feel the fresh air on your feet, but many times it comes at the price of comfort and support. Flip flops, for example, are a great springtime shoe. But they don’t offer much, if any, support. The “flip-flop” sound they make is fun, but it’s really the sound of your feet walking without any support on a hard, flat surface that is detrimental to your foot. And when the foot doesn’t have support, the rest of the body feels it. Because the feet are the foundation of the entire body, they determine whether or not the joints up from them–like the knees, hip, and back–are aligned. When the feet are aligned, the whole body can function properly!

Fortunately, it’s not necessary to sacrifice your desire for spring styles for all-year comfort. That’s where The Good Feet Store comes in. Good Feet arch supports can be worn in almost every style of shoe, even flip flops! The heel cup cradles the heel, stabilizing it during movement. According to Doctor and Podiatric Medicine Expert Ken Howayek, “healthy foot alignment begins here [with a well-supported heel].” Good Feet arch supports help support the heel, as well as the transverse and longitudinal arches, which is especially important but rare to find in sandals. By adding a pair of Good Feet arch supports to your favorite warm-weather shoe, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

Spring is a time of joy and growth. Give yourself the opportunity to prosper in style and comfort with Good Feet arch supports!