March Forth With a Spring in Your Step

Step into Spring 3.6.19

When springtime rolls around, thoughts turn to refreshing and rejuvenating. Many times this means spring cleaning and ushering out the old to welcome the new. It’s fun to see pastel springtime color schemes and new warm weather styles. Jean jackets, capris, sandals…these point to a fun springtime vibe we all love to welcome.

Slipping on that springy attire is fun and rewarding, especially when you get compliments from your friends. But slipping on new springtime sandals is a different story. How many times have you fallen in love with a new pair of shoes only to realize once you bring them home that though they’re cute, they’re also uncomfortable? What to do? Some choose to suffer through the discomfort, others decide to put the new shoes in the closet with the hope that they’ll magically be more comfortable in a month or so (tip: sadly, they never are!).

Sandals can be especially tricky. It’s nice to feel the fresh air on your feet, but many times it comes at the price of comfort and support. Flip flops, for example, are a great springtime shoe. But they don’t offer much, if any, support. The “flip-flop” sound they make is fun, but it’s really the sound of your feet walking without any support on a hard, flat surface that is detrimental to your foot. And when the foot doesn’t have support, the rest of the body feels it. Because the feet are the foundation of the entire body, they determine whether or not the joints up from them–like the knees, hip, and back–are aligned. When the feet are aligned, the whole body can function properly!

Fortunately, it’s not necessary to sacrifice your desire for spring styles for all-year comfort. That’s where The Good Feet Store comes in. Good Feet arch supports can be worn in almost every style of shoe, even flip flops! The heel cup cradles the heel, stabilizing it during movement. According to Doctor and Podiatric Medicine Expert Ken Howayek, “healthy foot alignment begins here [with a well-supported heel].” Good Feet arch supports help support the heel, as well as the transverse and longitudinal arches, which is especially important but rare to find in sandals. By adding a pair of Good Feet arch supports to your favorite warm-weather shoe, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

Spring is a time of joy and growth. Give yourself the opportunity to prosper in style and comfort with Good Feet arch supports!

Live The Life You Love With Good Feet

shoe circle

Get out there and make a positive impact, whatever that means to you! Whether it’s running a race or taking a walk, your feet allow you to do great things. And when you do great things, you make the world a better place to be!

We use our feet every day for almost everything, and this can cause them to change over time. Many people find their feet get bigger as they age, and some may develop bunions or plantar fasciitis. Some of this change may feel uncomfortable. But we know at Good Feet that if feet can change for the worse, they can also change for the better!

The Total Body Wellness system is designed to provide support for every activity you do, every day. The supports help distribute body weight evenly throughout the entire foot so that no single part of the foot takes on more pressure than it is supposed to. Good Feet’s Strengthener support is named for the effect it is designed to have on the foot: the Strengthener exercises and strengthens the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the feet into a more ideal alignment. The Relaxer is designed to provide the foot with a gentle stretch, and the Maintainer helps your feet maintain their ideal position.

All Good Feet arch supports are designed from the ideal foot and have different sizes and strengths. Wearing Good Feet’s Total Body Wellness system is like a workout for your feet, except the goal isn’t a slim physique, it is improved skeletal alignment for the whole body. The supports are designed to help your body from the ground up. Because the feet are the foundation of the body, when they can function as they are naturally made to, the knees, hip, and back will function better too.

With the help of supports, your feet will love to do all the things you like to do. From walking, running, jumping…even standing around talking to friends: when we prioritize foot health, we prioritize our ability to make a positive impact on the world around us.


Show Your Shoes Some Love

Show Your Shoes Some Love

We all know that the right pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. But did you know shoes also contribute to foot health? It’s important to take care of your shoes so they can help your feet take care of you!

1…The reason we wear shoes is to protect our feet. Well, sometimes our shoes need protection, too! In doing the hard work of keeping our feet protected, they are exposed to a lot: snow, sand, and everything in between! Using a shoe protector helps shoes last longer and look better. Good Feet recommends Cadillac’s all season water repellent which protects leather, suede, and fabric shoes and you can find it at The Good Feet Store. It can also be used on purses and bags and won’t darken leather.

2…Did you know that shoes have a shelf life? Quality shoe stores replenish their shoe inventory frequently because they know that shoes can break down when left on the shelf for too long. However, many people will keep their shoes for a long time, and combined with the wear and tear that comes naturally from walking, shoes can wear out quickly. Check the soles of your shoes for wear regularly, and notice if you feel a loss of cushioning or support. These could be signs that it’s time for a pair of new shoes.

3…Some people have difficulty bending over, which can make it hard to put shoes on properly. This can harm the shoe. Using a shoe horn can help ease your heel into your favorite pair of shoes–from dress shoes to sneakers.

4…Make sure your shoes are sized properly. If your shoes are too big or too small, your feet and natural gait will create wear patterns in your shoes that can make it uncomfortable for you and harmful to your shoes. Have your feet measured by a professional who can help you determine the width and arch height of your feet–not just the length.

5…Use proper cushions for your shoes. Some shoes come with cushions that lose support more quickly than other cushions, especially if an individual has a unique gait. Replacing cushions at regular intervals will help ensure that your feet always have the cushioning they need. Good Feet cushions are antimicrobial and biodegradable, meaning they’ll help keep your shoes and your feet feeling fresher longer.

Shoes are important, and so is the type of shoes you choose to wear. By taking the time to invest in your shoes, you invest in your feet–and the overall health of your body. Show yourself some love this month by showing your shoes you care.


Walking Your Way to Heart Health

Walking Your Way to Heart Health.jpg

What sparks joy for you? By now, we all know that objects can spark joy. But experiences can spark joy as well. What’s an experience that makes you feel glad? For many people, it’s spending time with loved ones. Those loved ones are our partners, friends, and family. Those loved ones are also our furry friends. Spending time with animals, like our pets, is good for people and pets alike. Pets offer a sense of easy companionship, supply a rejuvenating energy, and have been scientifically proven to be a beneficial addition to person’s life!

But not everyone has pets in their lives. That doesn’t mean you can’t still benefit from the many benefits of spending time with animals. It just means you have to be a little creative when it comes to how you get your interaction. You can spend time with the pets of friends and family, volunteer at a shelter, or pursue pet sitting opportunities.  

First and foremost, you’ll be helping out an animal in need. Shelters and rescues do a great service by providing homes to animals in need. But even so, the more friendly faces an animal in a shelter can interact with, the better!  And walking is just as good for people as it is animals: walking can help calm nerves, and improve fitness and attitude. It’s no different for a dog than it is for you! So whether you’re walking with your own dog or strolling with a shelter pup, you’ll be spreading the love this February. Walking with your own dog is a great way to see things in your neighborhood you may have otherwise missed, and it can help connect you to your neighbors.

Aside from the obvious physical benefit, going on a walk with a furry friend can improve emotions, too. The CDC explains how “studies have shown that the bond between people and their pets can increase fitness, lower stress, and bring happiness to their owners.” This means time with animals is time well-spent! Bringing a furry friend with you on your next walk is heart healthy in more ways than one.