Hello, North Carolina

Waverly Outside

Good Feet NW | SE is excited to be joining the Charlotte community!

We are proud to bring good foot health to the Southeast region with our first store in Charlotte. The Good Feet Store’s certified fitters are trained to fit uniquely designed arch supports that help guide the foot into its natural ‘ideal’ position, as well as encourage even weight distribution and proper body alignment from the ground up. The supports can be useful for anyone who wants to perform better, prevent injury, recover from activity, or even reduce pain.

Earlier this summer, we hosted a career fair for our newest store. Our enthusiasm has only grown since then. District Manager Rolanda says, “we connected with some great individuals who are excited to be on our team!”

Rolanda and other new Charlotte employees travelled to different Good Feet NW | SE locations throughout the country and learned the ins and outs of being arch support experts and building a stellar team.

Good Feet believes in creating a positive impact. That’s our reason for being in business–our why. It appears in everything we do, from our personalized in-store fittings to our community outreach. We want to help the communities we’re a part of live the lives they love without their feet getting in the way.

We look forward to seeing you soon!





Angela – Sandy Assistant Manager


How long have you been with Good Feet?

A year and a half.

What difference has Good Feet had on your life?

Working for Good Feet has made me a more compassionate person. Being able to listen to the needs of others and putting their needs above what you’re feeling is an important part of the job. It’s really nice to be in a position where you can help people.

In the past I suffered from sciatica problems and my Good Feet arch supports have really helped with that. I used to go to the chiropractor regularly for adjustments but since wearing my arch supports I haven’t had to go back.

Favorite Good Feet story?

I’ll never forget my first client that cried. A woman came in with pain on the top of her foot and wanted to give arch supports a try. As soon as she stood up and took 3 or 4 steps she started crying. She said she had forgotten what it felt like to not be in pain and didn’t understand how an arch support could help the pain in the top of her foot so significantly. Good Feet gets people out of pain and helps improve lives.

What are some of your hobbies?

Watching my kids play soccer and spending time with family and two Shiba Inus. I like to go to dinner and the movies with my family too.

What are some of your favorite spring activities to participate in?

Hiking, walking my dogs and going to Real Salt Lake soccer games.

Favorite place to visit?

Going to Disneyland with my family. After all the walking on our last trip my feet were completely pain free and my kids were asking if they could have arch supports.

What inspires/excites you?

I am excited by a good challenge. It also excites me when I have success in family life and my professional life.

I really enjoy working for Good Feet and find it inspiring. It has been good for me and my family. It allows me to be successful both at work and life.

Gimme Three Steps

That well-known 70’s southern rock band who begs for the chance to take three steps out the door knows how important three steps can be. The Good Feet Store does too. But we aren’t talking about escaping from our dance partner’s other dance partner. We’re talking about foot health and Good Feet’s Three Step System, which includes a pair of Strengtheners, Maintainers, and Relaxers. Each pair is available in a wide range of flexibilities – extra firm to soft – and promotes maximum comfort and performance.

In the song, the focus is on romance and staying out of trouble. The Good Feet Store does encourage staying out of trouble, but the ‘three steps’ that are focused on are a little different. The Three Step System specializes in giving the body the opportunity to align itself, starting with the feet. Alignment means that the body is moving in a natural, fluid way that feels good and isn’t forced or uncomfortable.

The Three Step System starts with the Strengtheners. These supports exercise the feet by positioning them appropriately as well as encouraging the muscles and tendons to collaborate efficiently. The supports are designed to strengthen the feet into a more ideal position. This product is doing the majority of the work on the foot and offers the most support. These supports may help guide the feet to better alignment, improving the way the feet carry the body.

The next step helps with maintenance: The Maintainers are designed to help the feet maintain their re-aligned position when they are not supported by the Strengthener support. Maintainers may help the feet retain their ideal alignment without attempting to strengthen them any further. The Maintainers fit into thinner shoes and can be worn during high-impact sports, and to enhance the effects of the Strengthener supports. To achieve these goals, Maintainers feature lower arch supports, little or no metatarsal rise, and slight heel cups, if any are present at all.

As with the rest of the body, the feet cannot constantly be in a state of exercise. The third and final Relaxer supports are less aggressive than the others and are made of more flexible materials. To help the feet ‘relax,’ these arch supports are designed without a metatarsal rise, which enables the feet to rest while giving enough support to help prevent the arch from flattening. These supports are thin enough to be worn in any shoe, from dress shoe to slipper.

Good Feet arch supports give you the function you need and let you have the style you want. No matter what your style is, we’ve got you covered. You can feel as good as you look – all day (and all night) long, so if you do happen to get caught out dancing with Linda Lou, you’ll be caught in comfort.


Sole Essentials

Ever pause to think about the essentials we take for granted? Running water, cell phones, cars. The list could go on and on! But how about something even more basic…something like our feet. Talking about the maintenance of these everyday objects isn’t the sexiest conversation, maybe, but it is important. The foot is the foundation on which every other part of the body lies.

Typically, it is only when our feet are in pain that we start thinking about how important they are. It’s like the old saying goes: you don’t know what you have till it’s gone (or hurting). This idea makes sense, but it is helpful to be even more forward thinking. Prevention and awareness are just as important as recovery–it is almost always harder to recover than it is to prevent.

That’s why it’s good to pause for thought and consider your lowly feet. They deserve some love too. Prevent foot injuries by:

  • Bending over and checking in. Take a peek at your feet and make sure you know how they look when they are healthy. That way you’ll know when something is off.
  • Looking for dryness, tenderness, or irritated nail beds. Address concerns as needed.
  • Letting your feet tell you how they feel. Are they sore? Self-massage, foot soaks, and arch supports can help ease foot pain.
  • Sneaking a peek at your sneakers. If the soles are worn and the tongues are threadbare, it might be time for a new pair.