Sean – Tualatin Fitter


How long have you been with Good Feet?

Eight years.

What difference has Good Feet had on your life?

Good Feet’s effect on me has been life changing. I am a 40% disabled U.S. veteran that suffers from metatarsalgia, a chronic and painful condition that affects the ball of the foot, as well as chronic knee and back pain. Since first using supports in 2009 my knee and back pain is much improved, and I have had no foot pain in the past 9 years. With the arch supports there is less stress on my joints and spine and they make it possible to go about my daily life.

Favorite Good Feet story?

My kids are also passionate about supports. My 19-year-old son knows all about alignment and the benefit of supports. He could work at The Good Feet Store! He couldn’t live without his supports and he wears them daily. They have helped him when he participates in sports. Teenagers can be the hardest to help but he has seen the difference they make and is passionate about how they work.

Once a client started crying tears of joy after being fitted with arch supports, she said she felt 95% less pain and even started tap dancing right in the store.

What are some of the challenges you face on the job?

Helping family and friends is the hardest. The most difficult part is getting them in a pair of supports, but the point is proven the moment they step in, they feel the difference.

What are some of your hobbies?

I am a martial artist, I lift weights, I love going fishing and crabbing. Dance is another hobby, I do hip-hop, salsa, country line dancing, ballroom and swing. All activities are done with my supports, take those away and I can’t do them.

Favorite place to visit?

I love to travel in general. Las Vegas and Newport Bay with my family. We fish, crab, eat and drink. It’s a beautiful place with beautiful people. I love the stormy season and gale force winds for a day of crabbing on the water.

What inspires/excites you?

My job is fun and inspiring because it is challenging, and you see something new every day. My goal is to do the best job I can do daily and give everything I’ve got to each and every client. Many people come in with baggage and are in pain emotionally and physically and we have to carry their burden for awhile and share it with them. We need empathy, not sympathy, in order to help them. If you’re just trying to sell a client you won’t last long. It’s the compassionate, strong fitters that create lasting careers at Good Feet. I care about my clients and I’m in the business to help, not sell.

Favorite board games?

Risk and Catch Phrase. Catch Phrase is competitive and provides a great time and a lot of laughs.


Race for the Cure Eugene 2018

Heading toward the tents from the parking lot early Sunday morning at Race for the Cure, Eugene, the mood was tangible. People stood near their cars pulling on pink tutus and tying pink bandanas around their dogs. At 9:00 am on Sunday, March 4th, the 5k fun run began. It was followed shortly thereafter by a 5k walk and a 1 mile family walk. Before the race started, people ducked under race village tents to learn about the sponsors, volunteers, and enjoy tea, water bottles, and backpacks for their race supplies. The Good Feet Store was proud to support the radio station KMGE’s team “Mix Chix” and be a part of the community-based event. According to local TV station KEZI, hundreds of people came to show their support.

The time before the race was also a time to reminisce and remember the real reason why so many people support Race for the Cure. As the start time of the race drew near, the announcer noticed “little patches of blue sky,” a welcome sight. Last year’s event was snowy and cold.


Teri, Celia, and Suzy, of the “Mix Chix” team took a moment before the official moment of silence to remember their friend Elaine, who battled cancer for 17 years. The women met growing up in LA and were in school together. When they grew up, they spread out into different states but stayed in touch. Now they come together each year to remember Elaine. Each one wore a pin with their friend’s smiling face and a pink ribbon, so that she could be along for the event too.  Even though the tone of the day was hopeful and positive, there was a serious side to it too. Raising awareness may be fun, but it is also emotional work.

1 in 7 women in Oregon and SW Washington will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime, states the Susan G Komen organization. But hope increases by the day.

“Since 1981, the 5-year relative survival rate, when breast cancer is diagnosed at an early stage and confined to the breast, was about 74%.Today, it is 99%. The death rate has declined by 38%.” That means we as individuals can really make a difference by bringing even more awareness to the problem and by participating in programs like RFTC.


Go for the Gold


This season, it’s hard not to be in awe of the amazing things people can do with their bodies–from freestyle skiing to super-fast sledding, the human body is an amazing tool. Of course, professional athletes devote their lives to training their bodies to be so strong. For them, no measure is too much if it helps them get into peak condition. From cardio to cupping, professional athletes will entertain just about any idea that has the potential to get them performing at their best.

For those of us who like to stay active (but don’t yet have plans to compete), there are less dramatic ways to improve performance that can be just as effective as any extreme measure. Because feet are the foundation of the body, an improvement in foot health can lead to improvement in the body throughout. Arch supports are a great way to reach a higher level of performance.

Good Feet’s Total Body Wellness System works on three areas of foot health: strengthening, maintaining, and relaxing.  Strengthener arch supports are designed and named for the effect they have on the foot’s composition.They exercise and strengthen the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the foot and can help guide it into a more ideal position. Wearing a Strengthener is like a workout for your feet, except the goal isn’t a slim physique–it is ideal skeletal alignment for the whole body.

Maintainer arch supports work to maintain all the progress that has been made with the Strengtheners. When they are used together, they can be an effective way of cross-training feet.

At the end of the day, athletes both professional and recreational need to recover. If cryotherapy, which involves surrounding yourself in nitrogen-chilled air as low as -300 degrees Fahrenheit doesn’t sound appealing to you, how about a massage? That’s where the Relaxer arch supports come in. Relaxers are like yoga for the feet. They prevent the feet from reverting to their old habits while still giving them time to relax, which is always an important step in any exercise regimen.

So no matter how you choose to be an athlete, you can be confident that with Good Feet arch supports, you can perform well and be well. Now what gold will you go for?



Meet Kelly, one of our fabulous fitters who has an inspirational Good Feet story of her own as well as a passion to help people. Without further ado…Kelly.

Kelly Johnston - Meridian

How long have you been with Good Feet?

I began working for Good Feet in May 2017.

What are some of your hobbies?

Photography, scrapbooking and camping.

Favorite place to photograph?

Italy. I would like to go back to Rome to do more photography there.

What inspires/excites you?

Helping people get out of pain.

What difference has Good Feet made on your life?

I started as a Good Feet client. I had been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis for 20 years and worked at a job where I was on my feet all day.  When I got home I didn’t want to get out of the car and wanted to cry because of the pain.  My husband and I went to The Good Feet store after trying everything…drug store supports, a boot and seeing a podiatrist, without any relief.  Once I had the Good Feet arch supports I had immediate relief in one foot and gradual relief in my second foot. I believed in Good Feet so much that I wanted to work there. I didn’t think it was possible for something to help that much.

When we were getting ready to move back to Boise from California I heard that Good Feet was hiring and after sharing my story with a Good Feet manager over the phone I had the opportunity for an in-person interview, so I made the drive from California to Boise to interview and drove back home the next day.  I knew how much the supports worked, they had helped me, and I wanted to help others.

Favorite Good Feet experience?

When I see people cry because they feel so much better just walking around in-store, and they can’t believe they finally found something that helped them. We often get big hugs when customers are on their way out of the store.