Good Feet Steps Into Spring

Good Feet employees are stepping into the lives they love this spring. We checked in with three to learn about their plans for making the most of this season of rejuvenation. Lucy in Salem, Oregon relates to everyone who comes to Good Feet wanting to lead more active, adventurous lifestyles and feeling held back byContinue reading “Good Feet Steps Into Spring”

Spring Forward Without These Common Injuries Slowing You Down

After a winter of hibernating, springtime is the season when many people get back to activities like sports, hiking, and jogging. Because of this, springtime can also be a time of injury. Learn about three common injuries and how to recover from–and prevent–them. Plantar Fasciitis: Plantar fasciitis is a common and painful foot injury. ManyContinue reading “Spring Forward Without These Common Injuries Slowing You Down”

Step Into Spring With Your Best Foot Forward

Devote some time to your feet to feel rejuvenated this spring. With your feet feeling springy, you’ll be able to tackle all the other spring tasks you want to accomplish, whether that task is spring cleaning or spring fitness training!     Ever doubt the power of massage? Try this self-massage for your feet. WeContinue reading “Step Into Spring With Your Best Foot Forward”

March Forth With a Spring in Your Step

When springtime rolls around, thoughts turn to refreshing and rejuvenating. Many times this means spring cleaning and ushering out the old to welcome the new. It’s fun to see pastel springtime color schemes and new warm weather styles. Jean jackets, capris, sandals…these point to a fun springtime vibe we all love to welcome. Slipping onContinue reading “March Forth With a Spring in Your Step”