Hello, North Carolina

Good Feet NW | SE is excited to be joining the Charlotte community! We are proud to bring good foot health to the Southeast region with our first store in Charlotte. The Good Feet Store’s certified fitters are trained to fit uniquely designed arch supports that help guide the foot into its natural ‘ideal’ position,Continue reading “Hello, North Carolina”

Gimme Three Steps

That well-known 70’s southern rock band who begs for the chance to take three steps out the door knows how important three steps can be. The Good Feet Store does too. But we aren’t talking about escaping from our dance partner’s other dance partner. We’re talking about foot health and Good Feet’s Three Step System,Continue reading “Gimme Three Steps”

Sole Essentials

Ever pause to think about the essentials we take for granted? Running water, cell phones, cars. The list could go on and on! But how about something even more basic…something like our feet. Talking about the maintenance of these everyday objects isn’t the sexiest conversation, maybe, but it is important. The foot is the foundationContinue reading “Sole Essentials”