Support Your Health By Supporting Your Feet

“Your feet are pretty small, considering they have to support the entire height and weight of your body. But they can cause big problems. So pay some attention to your feet.” To read more, visit:

Good Feet Portland Customer Testimonials

Free Foot Analysis During National Foot Health Awareness Month

Good Feet Worldwide, LLC., an international retailer of custom-fitted arch support, announced today their free foot analysis to local community members in Portland, Oregon. An estimated 87 percent of the general population suffers from foot-related problems, most of which can be linked to improper support for flat feet or high arches, wearing improper footwear, walkingContinue reading “Free Foot Analysis During National Foot Health Awareness Month”

Diabetes Alert Day

Today is Diabetes Alert Day! Nearly 26 million in America have diabetes, but 7 million don’t even know they have it. It is a one-day “wake-up call” asking the American public to take the risk test now   *Photo Provided By American Diabetes Association (