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To all of our Oregonian readers–Keep a close eye on your foot health during the warm spring days! All Toes on Deck | Learn About Feet | APMA.    

What To Wear…Shoes, Flip-Flops, or Barefoot?

There are many of us who wonder about the benefits of walking barefoot versus wearing proper footwear. Humans should be able to function barefoot from birth until death, (barring some birth defect, infection, or trauma of course), though sadly many people are unable to run, walk, or even stand for even a few minutes barefootContinue reading “What To Wear…Shoes, Flip-Flops, or Barefoot?”

Support Your Feet In Sandals

How to wear supports in sandals is a question I get from women all the time. One misconception is that others will see the arch supports in the sandal. In reality, most people who wear supports forget they are even in their shoes or sandals, because you cannot see them. Good Feet  arch supports are designed to be covered by your feet. So,Continue reading “Support Your Feet In Sandals”