Cushions: Your FAQs

Cushions: Your FAQs

All of the answers to your FAQs about Good Feet cushions.

Good Feet cushions are designed to be the perfect pair for your Good Feet premium arch supports. The uniform cushions provide comfort while allowing your arch supports to do what they do best. Read on for the answers to all of your Frequently Asked Questions about cushions.

Should I always wear cushions with my supports?

We recommend wearing cushions with all of your supports to enjoy the maximum level of comfort. However, Maintainers and Relaxers can be worn without cushions if the shoe doesn’t allow for them, such as with sandals and some high heels.

How should I clean my cushions?

All of our cushions are antimicrobial and help prevent fungus and foot odor. However, if you feel it’s needed, you can clean your cushions by using a soft-bristle brush (like a toothbrush), mild soap, and warm water. Lay flat and allow to air dry fully before using.

Do I need to replace my cushions?

If you’re starting to notice wear on your cushions or if they are feeling as comfortable as they used to, you may want to replace them. Visit or call your local Good Feet store and we will be happy to check your cushions for free to determine if they are in need of replacement.

Good Feet cushions are an important part of how Good Feet helps you feel and look your best. Visit your local Good Feet store to get all of your questions answered and to get your cushions checked for free.