Frequently asked questions.


Why is support important?

Our feet have four arches. Good Feet premium arch supports are uniquely designed to support all of them. The benefits include:

  • Comfort
  • Better balance
  • Reduced stress on joints
  • Better posture
  • Body alignment
  • Emotional wellbeing

A podiatrist discusses the four arches of the foot and the importance of properly supporting them.

Can Good Feet premium arch supports improve balance?

Yes. Good Feet premium arch supports help reposition, evenly support and strengthen feet, which in turn stabilizes the entire body. Most people experience a noticeable difference the moment they try them on.

Can Good Feet premium arch supports improve body alignment?

Yes. Everything in the body is connected so it’s important to have a strong foundation. Guiding feet towards their ideal position benefits ankles, knees, hips, back, neck – everything up the chain.

A kinesiologist discusses the importance of alignment and how it helps the entire body feel better.

Are Good Feet premium arch supports better than other inserts and insoles?

Good Feet arch supports don’t simply support your feet as is, they’re modeled from the Ideal Foot and therefore help move your feet into the ideal position. Over 300 shapes, sizes, and flexibilities ensure a custom fit for every lifestyle, work style, body and passion.

Every Good Feet premium arch support is made in the USA and most have a lifetime warranty.

Is there a break-in period for Good Feet premium arch supports?

Yes. The break-in period may last anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks depending on shoes, activities and arch supports. Minor muscle aches or discomforts are normal. However, if you experience prolonged discomfort, stop wearing the supports and contact customer care or visit your Good Feet store for an adjustment.


Why does Good Feet have so many different arch supports?

Good Feet premium arch supports come in over 300 shapes, sizes and flexibilities to fit every lifestyle, work style, body and passion.

Can kids and teens wear arch supports?

Yes. We have youth specific Good Feet premium arch supports for ages 6 through 17. They’re designed to help maintain proper posture and alignment as children grow, and provide support, while allowing enough flexibility for them to be active. Many young athletes have reported improved comfort and performance in sports.

Should I always wear cushions with my arch supports?

We recommend wearing cushions with all of your supports for maximum comfort. However, Maintainers and Relaxers can be worn without cushions if the shoe doesn’t allow for them, such as with sandals and some high heels.

What shoes are right for each style of arch support?

Match the flexibility of the shoe with the flexibility of the support. For a Strengthener arch support, choose a strong and well structured closed toe shoe with laces. On the other extreme, a Relaxer arch support is perfect for relaxing in house shoes or slippers. Maintainers are in the middle and fit the widest variety of shoes.

What makes good shoes?

Certain characteristics make some shoes better than others for comfort, support and foot health. Feet are naturally wider at the toes, so a wide “toe box” allows more movement and comfort during day-to-day activities. It’s better that shoes accommodate width, rather than toes having to adjust to narrower shoes. Shoes for activity should be less flexible, more durable and able to take some impact. Shoes worn during relaxation can be softer with less structure.

Although starting with a good shoe is important, the insoles provided in shoes are less supportive than Good Feet premium arch supports and not personalized to the individual by an expert fitter.

A note about new shoes:

New shoes can be stiff and need time to adjust to your “gait cycle.” However, if flex doesn’t increase over time to allow mild heel slippage, it means the shoe is too short for your foot and can cause blisters.

What types of shoes can I wear Good Feet premium arch supports in?

Great news! They work in almost every type of shoe including high heels and flip flops. If you want to make sure our arch supports will work with a particular pair of shoes, bring them to your personalized fitting so that you can try them with the supports right there in the store.

Do your stores carry anything other than arch supports?

Yes. We have a variety of shoes, socks and accessories like massagers and cream for foot and back care.


What can I expect at a free fitting?

We’ll want to get to know you and your feet to makes sure you leave with the right solution. We begin with questions about activities, work environment and preferable shoe styles. Then we take proper measurements and foot impressions to reveal your weight distribution. Once we get the information we need, you try the supports and experience the difference they make for yourself.

How much does a fitting cost?

Good Feet premium arch support fittings are always free.

How long does a fitting take?

Good Feet premium arch support fittings are thorough and take approximately 1 hour. It’s time well spent considering they change lives forever.

Should I bring anything to my fitting?

We provide everything you need. However, if you would like to try our arch supports with a particular pair of your shoes (or multiple pairs), feel free to bring those with you.

Will I be able to take my arch supports home the same day I purchase them?

Yes. Wear them home. There’s no wait time for Good Feet premium arch supports.

How do I schedule a free fitting?

Schedule online, call 1-800-NEW-FEET, or stop by any store, at anytime as a walk in.

How do I schedule or change a follow-up appointment?

Find your store under “Locations” in the top navigation bar and call the store number listed on the store page.


How do I clean my arch supports?

Clean non-leather arch supports with warm water and mild soap. Clean leather arch supports with non-abrasive leather cleaner. Make sure to let either dry completely before use.

How do I clean my cushions?

Our cushions are antimicrobial to help prevent fungus and foot odor. However, you can clean them by using a soft-bristle brush (like a toothbrush), mild soap and warm water. Lay flat and allow to air dry fully before using.

Do I need to replace my cushions?

If cushions show noticeable wear or they aren’t as comfortable as they once were, it may be time to replace them. Your local Good Feet store is happy to check your cushions for free to determine if it’s time for new ones.