Good Feet Fitter Codes

The eight C’s comprise our moral compass and help us navigate the care of our clients and the atmosphere of our store.

Fitter Compass


Care: I believe the client is the most important person in the room and deserves to be provided with more service than they have paid for.


Conviction: Clients are persuaded more from the depth of my conviction than the height of my logic, so I will first convince myself of the quality and merits of my products, then I will be able to relate my feelings to others.


Captivating: Speak with conviction, care, enthusiasm, and excitement. Be engaging, fun, passionate, and infectious. Be first a good listener and then a good storyteller.


Cheerful: I am committed to lifting the spirits of my client so that they leave happier than they arrived. I greet my clients warmly, with a smile, and while helping them I look for an opportunity to make an honest compliment. I speak with positivity and don’t speak negatively about any person, place, or product, even a so-called “competitor.”


Character: I know that reputation is what others believe me to be but character is who I am. I am an individual who speaks with honesty, integrity, respect and strength, for I know this adds weight to my words and gives me a freeness to my speech.


Clear: My goal is for my client to understand with ease and to make their decision to help themselves easy, so my message needs to remain simple and clear.


Consistent: I believe that each and every one of my clients deserves to have the very best experience every time they walk into my store, so I strive to be consistent. I will remind myself daily that it may be my one millionth time demonstrating my products but it’s their first time experiencing them.


Contribute: I want to work in a positive and supportive environment and know that achieving this starts with me. Together Everyone Achieves More.