Healthcare Heroes | Hardworking Feet

We salute Healthcare Heroes.

Going the extra mile is table steaks for you, healthcare worker. It’s more like your feet pull an ultra-marathon on the daily. But you’re not one to complain. You remain squarely focused on everyone, but yourself.

In honor of exceptionally hard-working feet, healthcare workers get $100 off a premium arch support purchase. Enter below and we’ll email you a code to present at the store.

    *$100 off premium arch supports for healthcare workers. Must present valid code at time of purchase in-store. May not be combined with any other offer. No cash value. Minimum purchase of (1) pair of arch supports. Excludes New Balance.

    The term Healthcare Workers includes, but is not limited to, those that work at state-funded and private organizations providing services in the following areas: disability, older persons, nursing homes, hospitals, mental health, social inclusion, palliative care, chronic illness, primary care (general practitioner, dental, pharmacies, physiotherapy clinics), health and well being (nutritionist, med spa, etc.), hospice, rehabilitation, home care, paramedics, veterinary care, and community services (e.g. youth, substance abuse, suicide prevention).