Picking Your New Pair

An arch support is what you put into the bottom of your shoe to adjust posture and alignment and to reduce pain. There are many people who think that a shoe alone can take care of their pain. If it is merely a case of a too-tight shoe, then it’s quite possible. But shoes aren’t designed to correct problems. Arch supports, on the other hand, can realign muscles, tendons, and the very bones of the foot. Arch supports make an impact on the way we perform and our health overall.

When you buy a pair of quality shoes, they will take a little while to break in and form to the way you move.  Your foot moves in a patterned way called a “gait cycle,” and a new shoe will be stiff and not yet formed to this cycle.

Heel slippage in new shoes doesn’t mean blisters, though. It means that the shoe fits. If the shoe doesn’t slip, then it’s too short for your foot. This is the type of shoe that causes blisters.