Are shoes important?

Are shoes important?

How shoes and supports interact.

What should I look for when buying new shoes?

The foot is naturally wider at the toes, and shoes should accommodate this width, instead of toes having to adjust to narrower shoes. A wide “toe box” in a shoe makes movement easier and more comfortable and allows the foot to move naturally during day-to-day activities that can range from sitting to standing and everything in between.

It is essential to have a good pair of shoes. Our feet are the foundation for our entire body, which means feeling our best starts from the ground up. Shoes for activity should be less flexible, more durable, and able to take some impact. Shoes worn during relaxation are typically softer and provide less structure.

When wearing arch supports, you want to match the flexibility of the shoe with the flexibility of the support. When wearing your Strengthener arch support, for example, you would want to make sure the shoe you are wearing with it is strong and well structured. The Strengthener provides the most stability and is designed with a heel cup to further support and stabilize the foot. On the other hand, if you are lounging at home, both shoe and support can be more flexible. Your Relaxer arch support is perfect for relaxing in your house shoes or slippers because it helps your feet stretch and relax.

A note about new shoes:

When you buy a pair of quality shoes to wear in conjunction with your Good Feet premium arch supports, they will take a little while to break in and form to the way you move. Your foot moves in a patterned way called a “gait cycle,” and a new shoe will be stiff and not yet formed to this cycle. If you experience heel slippage in your new shoes, don’t worry! It simply means that the shoe fits. If the shoe doesn’t slip, then it’s too short for your foot. This type of shoe can cause blisters.

Although starting with a good shoe is important, the insoles provided with your shoes cannot provide you with personalized support. Good Feet premium arch supports are designed to support all four arches of your feet and are specifically selected for you by one of our expert fitters.