What shoes can I wear?

The syles of shoes you can wear with Good Feet premium arch supports.

A common question we receive is: what should can I wear with arch supports? Great news: Good Feet arch supports work with almost every type of shoe! We offer multiple styles of supports so we can provide you with the perfect support for every activity and nearly every shoe.

Can I wear arch supports with flip-flops?

Yes! You can wear your Good Feet arch supports with your flip-flops and sandals by adhering them to the soles with velcro dots.

Watch to learn more about wearing Good Feet premium arch supports with your flip-flops:

Can I wear arch supports with high heels?

Yes! You can wear Good Feet arch supports in your high heels.

Watch to learn how wearing Good Feet premium arch supports has helped Nicole stay comfortable while wearing high heels all day:

What if I want arch supports for a particular pair of shoes?

If you want to make sure your arch supports will work with a particular pair of shoes, bring them with you! Bring your favorite shoes to your personalized fitting and you can try them with the supports right there in the store.